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Sunday May 1, 2016

God needs you to accept your life of suffering, pain, misery, loneliness, sickness, death, unemployment, homelessness, poverty and every bad fortune that has been preordained by God so that he may bless his chosen few with a carefree life of happiness, many relations, good health, long life, mansions, great wealth and all good fortune. He must do this to put the universe in perfect balance. However there are those who are defiant and keep demanding for their demonic desires to be granted by God. And those are the ones weaking God in his fight to keep Satan from ruling the world. Just look today and you will see on television a show that makes Lucifer into a crime solving detective superhero who is good and God being the bad guy. A new generation will believe this and further imbalance the universe to give Satan all powers over God and command of the world. Remember that this could have happened 2,000 years ago if Jesus didn't accept his suffering and instead gave into his demonic desires. Do what Jesus did and accept your life of suffering to help God keep the universe in perfect balance to stop Satan from ruling the world. Doing otherwise will only quicken the end of days and your place in purgatory will be replaced with hell. Help God balance the universe by accepting your preordained life of suffering and not be tempted by Satan with your demonic desires. Don't be like Adam and Eve and fall into tempation by the serpent. Don't be like the people of Sodom and Gomorrah and end up on God's wrong side. Accepting your life of suffering will free you from the clutches of Satan.

Rose Nonhlanhla

Sunday May 1, 2016

Dear God Thank you for everything you have done me. You are wonderful magnificent God. I trust only you Lord, Jesus Christ. Please God help me i need you. I'm doing five modules this semeter (EDA3046, ETH102L, ETH203Q, PST131J & PST103E). I'm starting to on the 9th of May. Please God help me pass all the modules that I'm doing. Please God help me in Jesus Christ name. Amen


Sunday May 1, 2016

Dear God Thank you for blessing me and being there for me I want to move on but I'm on my own way, what I'm asking you is please save me from myself and help me to be grateful and stop complaining about things I can't change, I've seen that it's not doing anything good. Please give me strenght and courage to live my life as you desired it and be happy for that's all I want, whatever happened the last two weeks I'm asking you to forgive me for my behavior and the words I said for everything that I thought, said and did out of anger and ungratefulness help me to value everything and to stay positive Amen


Sunday May 1, 2016

Kind Father, Kindly Thank you, Please Forgive, Guide and bless. Amen

Jai Sri Hanumanji Maraj

Saturday April 30, 2016

Jai Sri Hanumanji Maraj. Ram Ram

Sorry From VMS

Saturday April 30, 2016

Forgive me sweet and Loving God if I hurt anybody's feelings and for my Sins. As I mentioned I am here only to offer my prayers like all others. Truly Sorry. Dear Father thank you and please bless and guide me. Amen.

Jai Bhagvan / Dear God

Saturday April 30, 2016

Please Father forgiveness and blessings. Thank you for all that I am/have. Amen

no name sender

Saturday April 30, 2016

God please help IK and the family. Let him recover fully and give strength to his family. Jsk


Saturday April 30, 2016

God please help me thru this. You know what i mean right😖😖😖 please im begging

You know who..

Saturday April 30, 2016

Father, I truly appreciate everything your doing for me, but this battle is not over yet. We must accomolish our agenda. Please let my situation turn out for the better as soon as possible and sooner than soon. Thats all for me, but please do me a favor and help my dad heal, that maybbe a long shot but I do care for his well being and his income, get him offbthose pills and help his pain heal and ease. Also that housex help them with that situation and let happen what is in their best interests. It is time for change.

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