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no name sender

Sunday June 11, 2017

Gigantic Once in the land of gigantic there live ivanka. She was a sexy looking. And there jack the travelers

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

The Holy spirit fellowshipped with me during the time of my fellowship with the Lord when in 2nd grade that came with hi Terrill I'm Immanuel. "Terrill I know Humanity prefer to see artwork that is drawn from life and not from photographic references". To go along with this the topic of medical illustrators often drawing what cannot be seen. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ !! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

Maintaining uniform heat throughout the pile. 39 letters. You fellowshipped with me about when I was fellowshipping with you when I was in 2nd grade.. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!


Friday May 19, 2017

ok so like my son is gay and i love him but his boyfriend is really hot and im jelous. why does my stunning son get all of the hot young men while im stuck with my lazy ass husband who plays dungeons and dragons with his imaginary internet friends.

God II

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Is you God, or nah. Sorry big boy,but there's a new dog (god backwards) on the block, so watch out fatty. Talk big for now, but we'll meet at the big mountain in zimbabwe on friday, be there or be square bitch tits.

Fazal s/O A and B

Friday May 12, 2017

Dear God EROS, I have seen video companies on your Name, But I feel shy sometimes to watch PORN movies that I love. So I pray to thee to grant me lovely women. I have two women and two children but I'm separated from them since 2008. So I need sex. I pray to thee to do something that will bridge the gap between orthodox Muslims and my modern beliefs. I need Fun o God of Love and sexual desire and for the first time I have prayed to thee to grant me a Boon without being greedy or harmful towards others and vice versa. I pray also that my friends and family too get love and happiness.I strictly seek to have sex only with Girls of my age and with proper penis size and not Men, I was given a pill that might have made me have sex with man, so in any case you solve it with most peaceful manner. In the Belief on your Godly status. Thanks AMeen Amen Thanks Fazl

Your loving son

Thursday May 4, 2017

Dear God, First of all I want to say Thank You for your kindness and thank u for the blessings that u gave us for our everyday life and thanks for the Life that u lend to us though some of us are affraid to die like me.I wrote this letter because there's a reason. God I want u to know that I have a very serious addiction to pornography I came here to wrote u a letter that I want to change my life.The normal life that I live when Im still with you but now I realised that I..I almost forgot that your'e there. I want you to help me cleanse my self to remove those sins that I made now that Im still alive. I hope that u will forgive me for those sins that I made. And please don't forget to protect my family and all the people in the world. Hope I can change my life Your son, Dan

Terrill TC

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Hebrews 4:2 For indeed the good news came to us just as to them; but the message they heard did not benefit them, because they were not united by faith with those who listened. On the day I was born (ABC) was in representation of my left ear. And (DEF) was in representation of my right ear. As if (ABC) represented hearing and (DEF) represented not hearing as in def. The Holy Spirit rhyming on that day Terrill/Immanuel and me duplicating the rhyme using proverbs 9:17 soda water stolen water. From then getting home for the first time with the prophetic of "stolen water" later to be taught that While the accomplishment of any prophetic directive is largely up to God, our role in the process is to put aside doubt, and to give God freedom to make whatever changes in us that are necessary to bring about his plan. I come to you about In the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Wednesday May 3, 2017

On the day I was born in 1976 you spoke by way of your Holy spirit keep a lid on it until 2017 Terrill prophetic for proverbs 9:17. 9 representing birth and 17 prophetic for 2017. Already knocking at the door of my soul realm on the day I was born was something about the name Jesus Christ. Me not knowing what a rhyme was as the Holy spirit was rhyming Immanuel and Terrill. Me gave the opportunity to duplicate the rhyme of the Holy spirit. In the duplication of mines was "Soda Water Stolen Water" rhyming like the Holy spirit was rhyming me using proverbs 9:17 that you the 1st personality used pertaining to "keep a lid on it Terrill until 2017 prophetic for 2017. From then as soon as I got to the house for the very first time as a new born Psalms 144:12 the omnipresent of the Holy spirit continued at. I come to you about in Jesus Christ name whom is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Terrill TC!

Omar Aguilar

Monday March 27, 2017

Dear God, Please, please, please, please protect me. Please!!! Love, Omar

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