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Wednesday June 14, 2017

Dear Gannu, Pls help me ! I m getting tired! I feel burdened , scared n lost my confidence. I feel I m left behind . Pls help me grow professionally.Keep my parents in good health . When I write tomorrow I LL be more positive , I promise. Thanks IN

no name sender

Sunday June 11, 2017

Gigantic Once in the land of gigantic there live ivanka. She was a sexy looking. And there jack the travelers

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

The Holy spirit fellowshipped with me during the time of my fellowship with the Lord when in 2nd grade that came with hi Terrill I'm Immanuel. "Terrill I know Humanity prefer to see artwork that is drawn from life and not from photographic references". To go along with this the topic of medical illustrators often drawing what cannot be seen. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ !! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

Maintaining uniform heat throughout the pile. 39 letters. You fellowshipped with me about when I was fellowshipping with you when I was in 2nd grade.. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!


Tuesday May 23, 2017

Write to God...Dear God i know there is no one above you please let me pass my waec exam in full colours please change my jamb score for me to make my father happy for the first time God am begging you that in all the schools that i will apply to or have applied to please let them accept me please i any miracles that have never happen to me before please let it happen in my life.


Saturday May 13, 2017

Dear God, Thank you for all of the many prayers answered and the blessings you have put upon me. I know you will never give me more than I can handle. Over the past few weeks I have had 7 interviews with a corporation that I feel would be a great opportunity for me and I would love to hear back from them soon in regards to the decision that they made about the right candidate for them. I want to be that candidate and I ask that you reduce the anxiety I am having about getting this job as I know that if this is the right opportunity for me you will see it fit for me. At this time I am going to do the best I can to turn this over to you as the anxiety and stress is affecting me!! In your name I pray always. Amen

Terrill TC

Wednesday May 3, 2017

Hebrews 4:2 For indeed the good news came to us just as to them; but the message they heard did not benefit them, because they were not united by faith with those who listened. On the day I was born (ABC) was in representation of my left ear. And (DEF) was in representation of my right ear. As if (ABC) represented hearing and (DEF) represented not hearing as in def. The Holy Spirit rhyming on that day Terrill/Immanuel and me duplicating the rhyme using proverbs 9:17 soda water stolen water. From then getting home for the first time with the prophetic of "stolen water" later to be taught that While the accomplishment of any prophetic directive is largely up to God, our role in the process is to put aside doubt, and to give God freedom to make whatever changes in us that are necessary to bring about his plan. I come to you about In the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Wednesday May 3, 2017

On the day I was born in 1976 you spoke by way of your Holy spirit keep a lid on it until 2017 Terrill prophetic for proverbs 9:17. 9 representing birth and 17 prophetic for 2017. Already knocking at the door of my soul realm on the day I was born was something about the name Jesus Christ. Me not knowing what a rhyme was as the Holy spirit was rhyming Immanuel and Terrill. Me gave the opportunity to duplicate the rhyme of the Holy spirit. In the duplication of mines was "Soda Water Stolen Water" rhyming like the Holy spirit was rhyming me using proverbs 9:17 that you the 1st personality used pertaining to "keep a lid on it Terrill until 2017 prophetic for 2017. From then as soon as I got to the house for the very first time as a new born Psalms 144:12 the omnipresent of the Holy spirit continued at. I come to you about in Jesus Christ name whom is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!! Terrill TC!

Botho Seosenyeng

Tuesday March 28, 2017

Dear God:) I really I am thankful for having you in my life. Please God you are a provider. I just prsy that one your loyal servants who is kind will find me. All I need is to $2000 to be able to achieve my dream job. it will help me to also serve your people. Anyone interested in helping me my email address is bothoseosenyeng@gmail.com Love Botho all the way from Botswana


Monday March 27, 2017

Dear GoD, I love you with all my heart and soul. I dont no how to start n from where to start.. o lord please help me and my family to overcome all our problems we are faceing now.. Financialy and emotionaly.. It looks like now no one wants us beacause of our downfall. Its only u i hav faith now n through you i hope for good things to happen. You know lord how our enemys n people around us are taunting giving bygones by bygones.. Please lord dont put us so down.. When i hope things to get better n hope to recieve blessings from you.. That time things more worse day by day. Plea hhse lord i beg u.. Help us lord.. I beg you lord. Grant all our wishes we pray for. Thank you lord.. Hope will recieve a good reply from you. Thank you. L.M.

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