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Wednesday January 6, 2016

father please help my son give me strength and protect us from all dangers and harm


Wednesday January 6, 2016

What is happening? I'm so confused. I have inherited a cyber troll who is impersonating me explicitly. Why me? They have done such a great job even I have to look twice. Father Who Out In Heaven I believe it's another admirer of the Woman I love. It's not a game! What have I done Father to deserve such cruelty? She'll never believe me & I swear on my biological Fathers grave. Smite me down, take my soul for I'm telling the truth. I can't take much more of this. Thank you My Lord. :D Amen

מנחם מנדל

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Hi God, Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!!!!! מנחם מנדל


Wednesday January 6, 2016

Hi Jesus, Happy new year!!! Thank you because you have given me wonderful days during 2015. Jesus I thank you for all the blessings you gave and all the guidance and help. Jesus forgive me if in many ways I have done wrong to you or to other people knowingly or unknowingly. Jesus, I pray that as I start another year you will be there to guide and help me through all the challenges that come my ways. Jesus please help me to have the strength, courage, faith, trust and wisdom to do better each day in my job. O lord, I feel so pressured right now and anxious about how I performed and the outcome of my work. I don't know if I will make it...Jesus help me...Doubt and fear are eating me...and what keeps me going now is only my trust to you...for the plans you stored for me...please guide me oh lord. Amen..

Y.A. Tittle

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Hi,<br />I am very thankful for what you have given me life. I would like a motorcycle.<br />Thank you,<br />Y.A.

no name sender

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Daddy, There's no reason 4 Debby to keep her word 2 U go 2 church 4 the days of Sun,Mon,Tue. I say once in for all she is able 2 go potty reguly thanks xo. NJESUSNAMEIPRAYNLIFE


Wednesday January 6, 2016

dear god am i going to heaven

Radhe Radhe

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Appni Tayari Hogayi. Jase vachan vasa Iradna. Pranam app Bhagvan Krishna Ko. Apna 50 miljon plus ka liya intazar aur Maya sa chuti. Saab ki Pratna suna mari Maa. Radhe Radhe. Hare Krishna Hare Ram.

Hola Cati

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Dear God, I am not actually named Hola Cati, but that is so nobody recognizes me. I have questions. Many questions. First, why do some people have better lives then me? my dad lost his job, and still hasn't gotten another one. Other people have multiple jobs, and are quite rich. Also, I have some questions I have to ask my friends, but I don't know if I should. Send me a sign that it is alright to tell them. And lastly, why don't I do good on a test, if I try SOOOOOOO hard? Yours Truly, HOLA CATI

<a href="mailto:dylan@vectorsa.co.za">Dylan</a>

Wednesday January 6, 2016

Dear Father God,<br /><br />You know my silent petitions that I did brought to you<br /><br />I, implore you to please help<br /><br />Thank you God,<br /><br />Dylan,

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