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Friday June 16, 2017

Dear God Please help me! I am really stressed and am considering suicide! Save me! I already want to be in heaven! Cause I'm stressed.


Friday June 16, 2017

Dear Heavenly Father Please give me the strength to pass the 7th grade in the matter of these days god I need your help not now but RIGHT NOW I know I failed science and health and didn't put enough effort in his and her test but I really wanna pass to just be happy and my mom happy because better things will come to u me god just send me a miracle Please god when I open up that report card on the last day of school and look down at the bottom of the paper please just let it say moving to 8th grade or promoted god even if I do go to summer school please let it be at least 3 hours or less because I wanna enjoy the summer knowing that I passed because of u I love u so much god I thank u for all the other things u did for me in life but god please be on my back for this one Please I know it may take some time for u to respond back but please make it happen by the 23 of June God I just wanna be happy and so as my mom in the summer and in the following so I know that I'm going to 8th grade and I also wanna transfer to another school so I hope my mom accept my question to that But god please just give me the strength so I can pass the 7th grade in the matter of these days I know I can do it I'm going go I'm going to 8th grade Just send me a miracle Amen


Wednesday June 14, 2017

Dear Gannu, Pls help me ! I m getting tired! I feel burdened , scared n lost my confidence. I feel I m left behind . Pls help me grow professionally.Keep my parents in good health . When I write tomorrow I LL be more positive , I promise. Thanks IN


Wednesday June 14, 2017

God, The immediate issue, is I need and want a good job for once. Something with security, good pay, and doing something I can be proud, and hopefully someplace I want to be. I have two masters, experience, and I do the work. I send out resumes, I use my contacts, but I cannot seem to get a break. Don’t say it is because I am not working hard enough. When I hear those words from you or anyone else all I hear is that I am not worthy, and that really hurts because that flat out contradict everything I try to do, and everything I have been taught. Don’t say time isn't right, because I am hurting right now so why should my suffering persist? But it is acceptable to you that I should continue to suffer then all I can conclude is that you are either not as good, or love as much as you say you do. Don’t say it is because of who I am, because you made me this way, I cannot change that. I do not believe in any of that ‘tough love’ bull****, because it is not love. It is pride, fear, and selfishness trying to disguise itself as love. There is so much I want and wanted to do in life, and I tried to do everything the good and proper way. But all that seems to do, is allow for me to be taken advantage of. I only seem to be allow to serve you and other people in life, but not the other way around. And I am not enough of a jerk to take it by force, because I really want to believe that if you good and do the right thing you make things work out. But I am almost 44, and if the average human life span in 66 years, I have spent 2/3rds of that being constantly being proven wrong. So why should I waste the last 1/3rd of that experiencing the exact same thing. If it is because you command it, then to me that just proves you are cruel, and not as forgiving as you claim. For whatever glory awaits us in heaven, if it exists, is not worth what we have to put up living on earth to experience that. And that really break my heart because I know I do not have it as bad as some on earth. Maybe this letter is just my way of saying goodbye, because I cannot deal with this anymore. You and people are not going to change, and you are especially not going to change the world just for me, not matter how much you say you love. And I just don’t have it in me to give any more, especially without some tangible guarantee of something good. Goodbye, I hope you can find in someone else, whatever you wanted from me, because I just cannot give you whatever you want anymore. S


Tuesday June 13, 2017

Dear God, I am done with him. U know wat i m going through. Help me.

Phillip L. Bankhead Jr.

Sunday June 11, 2017

Dear God, I come to you at this point of time to ask for your help with EVERY situation I'm having problems with right now in life I ask that you help me get back in track mentally, physically, and financially I ask that you put me in a good environment that you know is good for me I ask that you forgive me for EVERY sin I've created in life that you didn't like I'm sorry God I've let allot of people get me off track & that's why I'm coming to you to ask can you help me get back on track I also want to thank you for EVERYTHING good you've sent my way thank you so much God

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Sunday June 11, 2017

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aqua lady

Friday June 9, 2017

Hello lord, I am running out of money. Please send me help immediately. I don't want to stress out and get a migraine again. I wanted to do some living and I blasted some money. Kindly, send me some help. That day isn't far when I will be super broke. I have been living like this with ur hope and with your support in my head. Please send me something so it can get me going for fall semester. I have received no guidance at all. I have no clue what is going on. Please send me help. I am waiting on u. Urs aqua

day of nautre

Friday June 9, 2017

god i am sorry for my impatience and not keeping my promise with u. i know sometimes i lose my hope so fast.but u would held my hand and rise me again.god please help me to pass this two remaining exam with high score.please help me remain at that dormitory room number 414.god help to get a scholarship from a well known university.god i need u i am so worried please give me hope and courage.living in dorm is really hard please help me stay at that room in the dorm.god i always try to be honest with others.i tried to be a good person. i keep my prayer most of the time.god please help me. i need u.u were always helping in the time of sorrow pain and disappointment this time in need u most. the reason i am following this path is because of your will.so dont leave me alone. i have nobody except u.help me give me courage hope patience tolerance.determination. and most of all faith i need faith give me faith.amen thank u god for everything u have done for me.

jose rivera

Thursday June 8, 2017

god please make sure that miguel and nolan could get a environmental job and help miguel pass his driver test on his first tried

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