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Sunday June 11, 2017

Gigantic Once in the land of gigantic there live ivanka. She was a sexy looking. And there jack the travelers

Dear God how

Thursday June 8, 2017

can i hate b as much as i do. He is forever ridicuing the very gifts that you have granted to me. I use them according to you will do i not> But if I hate him then what will become of me ? I think you want me to hate him for it do you? Please answer me soon in Jesus amen


Thursday June 8, 2017

Greatness June 6, 2017 GREATNESS Dear GOD, for me YOU are larger than the universe and Greater than anything I have ever had. I feel joyously refreshed and that comes from YOU. From the beginning of my birth till this day, YOUR love has blessed me. Today, Your Words of wisdom--spiritual cuisine has been served to me from the book of LIFE. MY BIBLE. The Menu is deep. It revives my soul. Plain and simple truths. Scripture for all walks of life. Yes, Men/women who preach seeds of knowledge, instrumental for my salvation dish out the best spiritual foods that keep me coming back for more. Yes, healing fruits/Foods cleanse, energizes, and restores my mental clarity. Praise GOD. See, I don't have to worry about being a diabetic cause Gods' food is healthy and served on a platter with lots of dedication and love. I don't think I have ever heard of anyone getting a bacterial infection from eating spiritual foods--the Bible. No Grease, no impurities, no extra fat, no high cholesterol--I have tasted foods from this book-my Bible, and I want more. Eating wholesome foods cleanses my spiritual clogged arteries. I feel like I have had a spiritual operation. I feel healthier. They say carrots are good for the eyes. If carrots are good, than spiritual carrots, are superior--MY(carrots-my BIBLE)--the eyes of my salvation, good teaching--remission of my sins, daily cleansing for my soul. Spending my vacation/quiet time by reading my bible, and attending worship are my top priorities. No longer blinded by the lures of this world, I have set my eyes on a greater love. Praise GOD, and reading my Bible daily has been one of the best things ever. Fellowship with Gods' people is fulfilling. WE are family. WE have something in common. We want good spiritual fruits and foods that are revitalizing. Wholesome, uplifting praise, and songs that are so fulfilling. And Gods' food bank is always full. There is plenty of good foods served upon a platter of truth. Some of the foods are bitter sweet, spicy but so energizing--like running water from the mountains or natural springs. So rejuvenating! Now I can run, shout, lift up holy hands--for GOD has made a difference in my life. HE is my Creator and has a book that has wholesome, healthy, non cholesterol foods. I call it my Bible. LORD I have tasted and seen my spiritual health improve. Not my will, LORD, but thine. I love YOU, LORD. Make me fatter in obedience. Purge anything from me that affects my spiritual growth. YOU saved me for something special. Thank you! I was entangled in sin and the cancerous foods of sin I ate caused my soul to rot. Today--So thankful that YOU, my LORD, never gave up on me. I trust in YOU, Creator, LORD, Provider, keeper of my soul. LOVE ME MORE! All tjb can say is thank you. Pure Love came from what YOU gave me and the best is yet come. A new beginning with a big spiritual appetite. No worrying about how I look, did I drop food on my lap, do I have a milk moustache. Thank YOU YOUR GREATNESS. All my blessings come from YOU. remember tjb. Lord this is my song to YOU. I am not reflecting on anyone. It is a personal matter and one I cannot refrain from sharing. tjb. saints pray for me.

you know who i am

Friday June 2, 2017

dear god, thank you for giving me the strength to get through exams and making sure that i could do all my exams even though i haven't prepared that well lol. thank you for everything you have given me - this life is a blessing and i know so many people aren't as lucky with me. im sorry, and i say this everytime, that i write to you for miniscule and stupid requests. things which are so tiny i shouldn't even worry about - but i do, and i can't help it. you know that my eyelashes have been falling out and im very scared about it. please help me regrow my lashes and make sure theres not problem. ily blesss xxxxx


Thursday June 1, 2017

Dear holy father, Father first off i want to say good morning,im breaking my silence.Lord i need you to teach me how to pray and how tobe a mother.Lord im inexperienced and dependiandon your supreme power to help me with Titus,whom is a blessing sought to me from heaven. Lord i thank you,i have noone else to trust and count on like you.Lord i ask you to please lead my spirit back to the seventh day adventist church so i can strengthen my relationship with you again.Lord i want to forget about everything going on in the world thats of worriration or of evil and focus solemly on you lord. I want you to stand by me lord, create in me a clean heart oh lord,wash me whiter than snow,lord it was davids'words but i feek the same towards you lord i need you for survival i love you father.Please,forgive me lord forlord0z r CD , mishaps and iniquities. Please,guide me lord for future evil to come and watch my way lord in jesus name i pray ....Amen Amen Amen


Monday May 29, 2017

Dear god, it's my birthday today. Please let this be a good day. I don't wish for many gifts, I just wants good friends, to be popular and I want a partner. It's not only today that I'm begging you. I want a better life, a happy one. I'm sorry but today I feel especially sad. Please send big love my way, let me be more optimistic and joyful. And send me Ahmed as a friend, a real and steady contact and if you want it even more. I'm asking you in the name of Jesus Christ, please give me signs that I can be sure of and which I don't overlook. I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart, please send the man of my life to me this year and as soon as it is possible. The one that I find wonderful, fascinating and attractive like no other. The one who means home, understanding and mutual caring. I want to give love to him and understanding. As much as he loves and understands me. My true soul mate. I wish it was Ahmed but you know best. Just hear me now please. And look after me today because its so warm and I want to do a god job. In the name of Jesus Christ, please hear this prayer and help me for I am so sad and I want the opposite. Amen.

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

The Holy spirit fellowshipped with me during the time of my fellowship with the Lord when in 2nd grade that came with hi Terrill I'm Immanuel. "Terrill I know Humanity prefer to see artwork that is drawn from life and not from photographic references". To go along with this the topic of medical illustrators often drawing what cannot be seen. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ !! Terrill TC!


Thursday May 25, 2017

Please God, Give me the patience until I am okay again. I am tired of feeling this way. I used to be so healthy, so active, so happy. I am not used to being depressed once a month. I want to be happy. I want to be happy for my family, my friends, my boyfriend. I want to look forward to things in life, not be afraid for whats going to happen to me. Please give me the patience and reassurance that I will be okay. Please send me any sign. I am begging at this point. I know that there are people out there who have it worse than me and I am still appreciative of being able to live. Im thankful for having a loving and supportive family that is always there for me no matter what. Im thankful for having my boyfriend to motivate me and make me feel like everythings going to be ok. I used to never be this weak. I never cried. I was never this vulnerable. I felt more fearless. I didn’t have any worries. I was always helping my friends with their problems. Now that I look back, what I thought were problems were nothing. I want to be strong again, God. Please help me regain my strength. I will do anything to keep it. I will do anything to be that person again. I will do anything, please. I don’t want my parents to see me as a weak girl. I don’t want to be a burden on their lives. I want to be strong for them. I want to make them proud. I want to accomplish so much in life. I want to grow and help those around me. I don’t want to be helped. I don’t want people to look at me and feel bad for being sick. What did I do wrong for me to get this way? Please give me the strength to get over this. I believe in You and only You. You have never let me down. You have always pushed me through hard times. My faith in You is so strong because I know that you hear me. I know that You see me. I know that You are looking down on me right now. I know that things get worse before they get better but Im ready for things to get better. PLEASE God. If I could have anything in my life right now it’s great health for me and my loved ones. Please look after us and take care of us.

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

Maintaining uniform heat throughout the pile. 39 letters. You fellowshipped with me about when I was fellowshipping with you when I was in 2nd grade.. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!


Tuesday May 23, 2017

Write to God...Dear God i know there is no one above you please let me pass my waec exam in full colours please change my jamb score for me to make my father happy for the first time God am begging you that in all the schools that i will apply to or have applied to please let them accept me please i any miracles that have never happen to me before please let it happen in my life.

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