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Friday June 16, 2017

Dear God Please help me! I am really stressed and am considering suicide! Save me! I already want to be in heaven! Cause I'm stressed.


Sunday June 11, 2017

Dear God, Please tell Meggie that I really miss her. 15 years was just not enough. We had so many plans. Sometimes I dont think I can go on without her.

no name sender

Sunday June 11, 2017

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Tyler LaBranche

Monday June 5, 2017

Lord God, I really care about Rowena Rose San Agustin from Live Oak Cabin at FINR and I want to be close friends with her again. I really want us to work our troubles out successfully. Today she made a hurtful statement to me. Please try to help us be close friends again. She is also a great singer. I really want her to forgive my mistakes. Thank you so much!!! Amen. From, Tyler Joseph LaBranche

Minerva West

Thursday June 1, 2017

Dear God, I do not know how will I express my grief and painful heart in my letter. God, I cannot take it anymore. I've been struggling in life as a widow of three children and I tried so hard to make living God to provide all the needs of my little ones. God, aside from this daily basis, something inside of me that keeps killing me inside. My heart never stop to burst the feeling of being loss after my husband death. God,I feel no one could understand my feelings inside, I am in widowhood now and no one could ever talk nor someone could even make me feel ease but only to hear your Voice. God, I have plenty of questions that was never answered that keeps hurting me inside. I missed my husband so much. I feel like Im paralize living on the earth half of my being is dead. God, thanks for all the pain and the hurt that make me feel everyday. I have no rights to complain but please God give me more strenght and blessings to support the needs of my children. God, I am so tired, I cannot sleep each night.God Please take away the pain and rest my heart into happiness and peace of mind. God, Help me to raised my young children. I do not have a stable income. God please shower me with your blessings and guidance. GOd Please send me an angel who can give me a warm hug where i can burst every pain i had inside. My heart is about to explode of pain. God, I do not know how long I can overcome the pain. I miss my husband so much. Now, thee will be no one can replace him even he left us. God, I forgive him and never been hate him even when he was still alive. God, Forgive me for all my sins, for every faults and mistakes I done. GOd, give me more one last chance to fullfill my mission in this earth. I want to secure the future of my children. They are young and innocent to suffer a lot in life. I want to provide them a secured on eduction and food and shelter... I cannot do this by my own God. Please God, I am human, so weak and so depress. Help me to stand and give me more strength . Bless me with your grace and mercy. Bless me with your forgiveness . God Please come down from Heaven and embrace me with your forgiveness and love. God please answer me. I need you to talk to me. Please God Help me. I do not know what to do in my life now.. I love my children so much that they are my reason to keep living. But the pain is so strong and its killing me every day to be positive and believe that everything will be alright. God Please help me. Make me feel your embrace God. TO ease the pain I had inside. I never thought of being so young to become a widow and struggling at this very age. Oh God I am begging into my knees to heal me with your love and grace.

no name sender

Thursday June 1, 2017

It just doesn't stop. Its so horrible it makes me sick and I don't want this. It just pains me so much, I can't stop crying and I think nothing ever pained me so much for so long. Please, dear god, hear me in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me, give me strength and love. I can't live like this anymore because it also pains and worries the ones that are there for me. But this depression just won't end as long as I get treated like that and I know I should not care anymore but I can't. The feelings are stronger than my thoughts and I can't find comfort. I am completely devastated and actually I want to be happy. I want to lead a good life. But it's like something was crushing my heart daily. Please god hear my prayer and help me. Give me signs. Thank you and amen.


Wednesday May 31, 2017

Dear god! I trust in you. Plesse hear me today as the sadness over this situation with J. just doesn't go away. I try my best but at best my heart and soul feel so numb. I can't be really happy anymore and I'm so tired of crying. I never expected to lose him like that. I never expected him to become so cold towards me. It really really hurts me do deeply, my Lord. I so wished we could have been friends. I had hoped we could rebuilt our friendship. He meant so much to me and I miss him so badly. I can't stop crying, Lord. I understand that I have hurt him and I'm truly sorry. But does he see how much he hurts me now? I want this to stop. Hear me, dear god, when I say I want to be happy again. I want love, friendship and joy in my life. I won't ngive him completely but I want love in my life. I want friends, a man that truly loves me and that's all. I want to be happy. And I still want to have a good relationship with J. Lead me the way to goodness and love. Give me signs and send me my future man as soon as it is possible. In Jesus' name, please hear this prayer and help me, god. Amen


Friday May 26, 2017

Hello God. Another letter from me. We talk frequently and I often fall asleep during that time. I hope it isn't seen as disrespectful I just get so relaxed. I know I am a very blessed woman but still I feel sadness and lonliness an heartache. I still miss my sweet puppy so very much. The new dog is great and I love her to pieces but she is n ot my recently lost baby. Oh what a sweetie. How ome my memories seem to fade when I lose someone? Is it to hep me with the pain? To just shut off some of the best times of my life? I miss her more than words can say. We were a team. A good team. she represented all that is right in the world. Not a mean bone in her body. Faithful companion can't say that about a human being. I loved her, Lord. I still do. Yet in my heart I know she is romping all over heaven, renewed, healthy and strong. How dhappy I am to know that. But my selfish self wants her HERE. Make me sto9p being so selfish, Lord. I WANT her to be happy, I WANT her to experience and explore all of heaven. She is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Please tell her how I feel. I tried to give her a good life, an hope that I was successful. That's what is important, for she deserved everything good. Oh I love that girl. Please God remove these tears from my eyes, never to return. I know she is well and happy. And the new dog will hep me along. She is quite a pistol. ) I love you dear Lord and I thank you for my many blessings. I h9pe YOU have a great day. Thank you I Jesus' name.

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

The Holy spirit fellowshipped with me during the time of my fellowship with the Lord when in 2nd grade that came with hi Terrill I'm Immanuel. "Terrill I know Humanity prefer to see artwork that is drawn from life and not from photographic references". To go along with this the topic of medical illustrators often drawing what cannot be seen. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ !! Terrill TC!

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

Maintaining uniform heat throughout the pile. 39 letters. You fellowshipped with me about when I was fellowshipping with you when I was in 2nd grade.. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!

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