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Sunday June 18, 2017

Mungu Wangu, Ahsante kwa yote umenitendea kwangu na jamii yangu. Ahsante kwa kunijalia na mwana mwingine Baba nipe roho ya subira kwa ahadi zako, nibariki ili nami niweze kubariki wale ambao umewaleta maishani mwangu kwa hali na mali. Endelea kunibariki na kuni onyesha njia zako ili nami kwa vitendo niweze kuguza wengi na kuwaleta kwako. Ahsante Baba

Mohammed Fazlullah

Wednesday June 14, 2017

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem...Lailaha Illallah Muhammadur rasooallah ..Almighty My God, Another Day of fasting completed , thanks for the Miracles and Please I pray to live in Better Conditions and in peace and I wish the same for my women and children. Ameen

no name sender

Sunday June 11, 2017

Gigantic Once in the land of gigantic there live ivanka. She was a sexy looking. And there jack the travelers

Nsubuga Rogers

Saturday June 10, 2017

Dear God, father and care taker of my existence. I love you. Thank you for loving me and sending me your son to die for my sins. Thank you for the many times you show me the way. Thank you God for the many opportunities you have brought my way. Let your name be glorified and praised always. Dear God. Every day is a miracle. Waking up, breathing, walking, hearing, sleeping and eating all these are miracles. My job is a miracle. My family is a miracle. My achievements are gifts and miracles too. You protect me against my enemies indeed you deserve to be thanked. Praise, Glory and honor are yours forever and ever God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Your loving son. Nsubuga Rogers

Thank you God

Monday June 5, 2017

that all things work together for good to those who Love you amen in Jesus amen


Thursday June 1, 2017

'Everything but the LOVE of GOD' May 31.2017 06:54am Is there anything more precious than Gods' love? Apparently I didn't think so. Everything but worship came first. I didn't know what it was to praise GOD with a boldness. I was embarrassed to raise my hand and praise GOD. Ungratefulness should have been my crown. To praise the LORD would have meant standing out in a crowd. Have you ever wanted to sing, shout, or dance but feared your peers? That was me. Jesus wasn't ashamed or embarrassed to give up everything for me. So Sorry GOD, for when I was in church, I looked to the right or left to see who was watching me. Why? cause I didn't want to be mocked or scorned. Today I don't care. I will praise God from the highest mountain to the lowest valley. Today,I know, that JESUS is my salvation. No one can stand for me on judgement day. People can scorn, but JESUS gave me something wonderful and that is the gift of eternal life. The race is on-Heaven or Hell. Was it a race for JESUS, too? I don't know. I know Jesus was in the world and the world didn't received Him as their Saviour;and yet, He was asked to heal, raise the death, feed millions of hungry people and He made water into wine. There was no miracle that JESUS couldn't do. The greatest teacher in the world has everything, and all He wants for me is to saved. He died for my transgressions. Forgive me, LORD for I gave no praise to YOU--Provider. After all, who created the heavens and earth? Who created the cattle, fowls, and food for me? When hungry, Jesus fed me. When my spirit was thirsty for the truth, HE provided the spiritual bread and water of life. Did I have sense enough to appreciate my blessings? NO? I made promises to GOD, and didn't keep half of them. When things went good in my life, I was okay rejoicing in my sinful ways. I straddled the fence. When Hell tried to steal away my innocence, and life with fiery darts I called on JESUS. See flesh didn't want me to give up sin. I wanted it both ways. I now know that I can serve only one GOD. The GOD of Truth. Today, GOD has given me another chance. GOD has given me a reason to shout, pray, do the victory dance(I don't care what I may look like cause no one can love me like JESUS can. Merciful JESUS is my healer and HE is Alive. Praise the LORD, I know without a doubt who hung on that cross at Calvary. JESUS the Man from Galilee. YES, JESUS has given me a new smile, new talk, new walk, new dance and lots of joy. I bless the name of JESUS. Today, She who dances for joy is me. I dance because I'm happy. Today, I lift up my hands, my voice in praise. Even though I might be singing in the wrong key, GOD knows my heart. I might look funny or weird praising God, but I don't care. See while praising GOD, your eyes may water, nose drip, wig or braids fall-GOD forbid- shoes falloff, stockings get torn--don't stop praising GOD. Love HIM like HE loves me and you. Don't stop praising GOD for He is mighty awesome and loving. AS for me, I want to cling to GODS' unchanging love, healing powers, charity, knowledge, wisdom, patience, and that precious cleansing blood. Forever thankful cause every good thing comes from GOD. LORD be my KING of KINGS, and keep me covered under thy cleansing blood. I rejoice in this knowledge and I thank every man and woman who preaches the GOSPEL as it was meant to be taught. I also recognize that this is an individual manner and one not to offend anyone, but I know what sin did for me and I know who came to my rescue. I love YOU LORD. Please remember me. tjb This is my moment of praise. I share with others. My DECLARATION of LOVE. Today I have everything cause I have the love of GOD and HE is my provider. To GOD be the Glory! Amen. Out of a womb came a babe, a child, a teacher , a Saviour, and redeemer, and a force felt by all those who loved and loves HIM. HE is ALPHA And OMEGA. Blessed be the name of JESUS Forever and ever amen. tjb


Tuesday May 30, 2017

Dear God, thank you i got my money , i am really thankful to you Kind Regards Amir

Abel Tirkey

Sunday May 28, 2017

Dear god, A thousand times thank you. The result I have got is good, may be it can be more worst but even though it is good. I am not really satisfied with my marks because i have expected more than 80 even more than that of class 10th one,but then also thank you.I think my preparation was not that much good and I was expecting more, this all are my fault, I was totally depended on you, so please forgive me for that. And I promise that I would never ever ask you for this kind of ****ing **** desires.(as I have already said that it is my last time for this wish) This experience has given me a great lesson. Thank you

Robert Franklin

Friday May 26, 2017

Bring my angels back to life please

Robert Franklin

Friday May 26, 2017

I love you God and I think you and Jesus for all blessings and for letting me live my blessings are as good as anything I read the bible everyday your story is in my heart like the love hope and joy I have for my friends and family you always know I have a better family than many you all blessed me with that I go to church every Sunday to learn about you your religion your birthday your relife I learn it all its good info it is good to behave and think good thoughts so you don't have Satan on your shoulder so you have God on your shoulder at all times and cost I understand that you died for our sins to make us better people I would like God to bring my blessings to life some more

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