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Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God I always love you. Thank you for my puppies thank you for my dad love Isaac


Saturday December 12, 2015

WE love you God so much. Thank you God for sending us rules to follow.When we get to heaven we want to hug you.


Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God, A few months ago, my dad was feeding my parakeet. When he was about to feed it, my parakeet flew out of the cage. Now we only have one parakeet left. Please take care of my parakeets.


Saturday December 12, 2015

dear god i love you forever and ever that i will give you money when i see you i will see you when i get to heaven


Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God, I like to pray for my mom. I like to help my mommy wash dishes. I like to play with my mommy nicely. I like to sew with her. I like to dress up and go for walks. I like to help cook.


Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God, Thank you for my sister and family . I love You

Chloe D.

Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God, About five years ago, I was inside of a pool. I was trying to swim but I didn't know how. I started to fall deep into the water. All of a sudden, I got lifted up. I looked behind me. It was a Japanese boy who had helped me. Thank you for sending him.


Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God, Your love is bubbling over.


Saturday December 12, 2015

I love Jesus and hope you see me in my house


Saturday December 12, 2015

Dear God, I love God. I would like to give you a flower. I wold like to share cars with him.

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