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Wednesday June 14, 2017

My chains have been broken June 13, 2017 06:51am Halleluiah! GOD has revived my spirit. Today and everyday my life will be enriched with what GOD has in store for me. Sin kept me down but that ball and chains have been removed. Today, I am immersed in the goodness of my bailer, King JESUS who died on cavalry for me. I am Washed by HIS blood. Praise GOD for HE is my miracle. Praise GOD for HE alone has healed my soul, mind, and body. For years I sat under many preachers cause it was expected of me. I chewed my gum, slept, did everything but receive the words of life. I went to church just because I had to attend. I paid attention to everything but what I needed to hear. Couldn't wait to leave church to get to the candy store. Holidays meant wearing special clothes. See I went to church for all the wrong reasons. Thank GOD that when I fell from Grace, like many of my hypocritical friends did, I began to understand that I couldn't dally around with my life. GOD gave me another chance. After being disobedient and disrespectable, GOD never gave up on me. I began to want GOD but something just wasn't right. I was up and down. Its' called straddling the fence. FAST-FORWARD--today, I have repented, been baptized, and filled with the HOLY GHOST. Sin like cancer destroyed healthy tissue. OH GLORY! MY GOD healed me from both. Thank GOD for loving me. I was rescued while eye shopping for a car by a younger person whose testimony about his life with GOD, pastor, and church family was so powerful that I wanted to hear more. He invited me to his church, gave me a welcome card, and that is how GOD got my attention. I was in the right place at the right time. God having no respect of persons will find his people. Little did my church brother know I was seeking GOD-- ah--but GOD knew. Spiritual 9ll was at a car lot. GOD found me. I needed saving. That was the beginning of my spiritual restoration. GOD heard my prayer. GOD gave me hope. I had only to reach out. What did I have to lose? What I have gained is a closer relationship to GOD, obedience, peace, joy, forgiveness, charity, more prayer, fasting, and a minister who preaches the GOSPEL as written. No offense as this is a personal matter. One worth sharing. My testimony. See, as a child I was playful--AS a teenager I did what I wanted to do and was hopelessly devoted to sinful ways. Today, I close those chapters of what I did and didn't do. Today, I love GOD with all my heart, soul, mind, and spirit. I see clearer. My earwax has been removed. My feeble limbs rejoice in praising GOD. I have a new attitude on what GOD promises His sheep. I feel victorious for the best is yet to come. Now I know that nothing can separate me from Gods' unchanging grace. Gods' love never changes. GOD is my Alpha and Omega. He is my restoration, my promise of peace, King of Kings, and my everything. Since Jesus came back into my life--I don't have money, gold, fine clothes, or pretense worldly friends but--I have the KING of KINGS who is always on time. He is my lifetime friend. My mentor, healer, and deliverer. So happy LORD to move forward. So happy LORD that YOU never gave up on tjb. I love YOU. I love to pay my tithes and buy candy later, etc. Give to GOD and HE gives you HIS BEST. LORD--I praise your Holy Name. Remember tjb. Saints pray for me as I pray for you. Isn't our GOD great? HE knows just what we need and when we need it! Remember if God created heaven and earth how much me can HE do for us. When we give GOD our best He gives it back to us when we least expect it. Such an awesome GOD! p.s. GOD never sleeps. Just like cancer-sin is demoralizing, but GOD has the power over sin. I bless HIS HOLY NAME. THE SWEET NAME OF JESUS. I LOVE YOU LORD. tjb

no name sender

Sunday June 11, 2017

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Michelle Samara Roark

Sunday June 11, 2017

Dear God Can u please find my true love because I want him very bad. I feel that I'm never going to get one and can u please forgive me from texting that boy out of the United States. I made a very bad mistake and I want u to forgive me. I really thought I was really cute that's why I was texting him on the internet. So please God find my true love and help me know that he will come one day. Thanks god your the best ever. Yours Michelle

Tyler LaBranche

Monday June 5, 2017

Lord God, I really care about Rowena Rose San Agustin from Live Oak Cabin at FINR and I want to be close friends with her again. I really want us to work our troubles out successfully. Today she made a hurtful statement to me. Please try to help us be close friends again. She is also a great singer. I really want her to forgive my mistakes. Thank you so much!!! Amen. From, Tyler Joseph LaBranche

Diaz Verenreddi

Saturday June 3, 2017

Please help me. I am in 6th grade, and did something really bad. Although my mother has already confronted me, I'm scared of what my dad will do to me when he finds out. Please save me.


Thursday June 1, 2017

Dear holy father, Father first off i want to say good morning,im breaking my silence.Lord i need you to teach me how to pray and how tobe a mother.Lord im inexperienced and dependiandon your supreme power to help me with Titus,whom is a blessing sought to me from heaven. Lord i thank you,i have noone else to trust and count on like you.Lord i ask you to please lead my spirit back to the seventh day adventist church so i can strengthen my relationship with you again.Lord i want to forget about everything going on in the world thats of worriration or of evil and focus solemly on you lord. I want you to stand by me lord, create in me a clean heart oh lord,wash me whiter than snow,lord it was davids'words but i feek the same towards you lord i need you for survival i love you father.Please,forgive me lord forlord0z r CD , mishaps and iniquities. Please,guide me lord for future evil to come and watch my way lord in jesus name i pray ....Amen Amen Amen


Friday May 26, 2017

Hello God, I am sorry for whatever sins i have done. Its just that i am human and i make mistakes. Please forgive me and i promise to start a new life from today in which there will be no place of fear, surrender, worry, lie, laziness, ignorance, greed, ego Please God give me peace and strength to fight against all these odds. If i succeed in changing myself, One day I will surely support the society with my guidance Thanks for everything, Sukant Ranjan(A husband, A father, A brother, A son in law and please give peace to my parent's soul)

Robert Franklin

Friday May 26, 2017

Bring my angels back to life please

Robert Franklin

Friday May 26, 2017

I love you God and I think you and Jesus for all blessings and for letting me live my blessings are as good as anything I read the bible everyday your story is in my heart like the love hope and joy I have for my friends and family you always know I have a better family than many you all blessed me with that I go to church every Sunday to learn about you your religion your birthday your relife I learn it all its good info it is good to behave and think good thoughts so you don't have Satan on your shoulder so you have God on your shoulder at all times and cost I understand that you died for our sins to make us better people I would like God to bring my blessings to life some more

Terrill TC

Thursday May 25, 2017

The Holy spirit fellowshipped with me during the time of my fellowship with the Lord when in 2nd grade that came with hi Terrill I'm Immanuel. "Terrill I know Humanity prefer to see artwork that is drawn from life and not from photographic references". To go along with this the topic of medical illustrators often drawing what cannot be seen. I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ !! Terrill TC!

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