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Friday June 16, 2017

Dear God Please help me! I am really stressed and am considering suicide! Save me! I already want to be in heaven! Cause I'm stressed.


Wednesday June 14, 2017

God, The immediate issue, is I need and want a good job for once. Something with security, good pay, and doing something I can be proud, and hopefully someplace I want to be. I have two masters, experience, and I do the work. I send out resumes, I use my contacts, but I cannot seem to get a break. Don’t say it is because I am not working hard enough. When I hear those words from you or anyone else all I hear is that I am not worthy, and that really hurts because that flat out contradict everything I try to do, and everything I have been taught. Don’t say time isn't right, because I am hurting right now so why should my suffering persist? But it is acceptable to you that I should continue to suffer then all I can conclude is that you are either not as good, or love as much as you say you do. Don’t say it is because of who I am, because you made me this way, I cannot change that. I do not believe in any of that ‘tough love’ bull****, because it is not love. It is pride, fear, and selfishness trying to disguise itself as love. There is so much I want and wanted to do in life, and I tried to do everything the good and proper way. But all that seems to do, is allow for me to be taken advantage of. I only seem to be allow to serve you and other people in life, but not the other way around. And I am not enough of a jerk to take it by force, because I really want to believe that if you good and do the right thing you make things work out. But I am almost 44, and if the average human life span in 66 years, I have spent 2/3rds of that being constantly being proven wrong. So why should I waste the last 1/3rd of that experiencing the exact same thing. If it is because you command it, then to me that just proves you are cruel, and not as forgiving as you claim. For whatever glory awaits us in heaven, if it exists, is not worth what we have to put up living on earth to experience that. And that really break my heart because I know I do not have it as bad as some on earth. Maybe this letter is just my way of saying goodbye, because I cannot deal with this anymore. You and people are not going to change, and you are especially not going to change the world just for me, not matter how much you say you love. And I just don’t have it in me to give any more, especially without some tangible guarantee of something good. Goodbye, I hope you can find in someone else, whatever you wanted from me, because I just cannot give you whatever you want anymore. S


Tuesday June 13, 2017

I am 16 years old and have never seen my self as religious. However I don't know where to turn in a time like this. I am a good person and I know my intentions will always remain good. But I am constantly struggling to maintain my happiness. It is currently exam time and I am contemplating ending my life. I have always thought of the many ways of ending my life, and now its become a comfortable concept. Please show me something good and I will return the good into our society. Yours Truly


Tuesday June 6, 2017

Respected God... I don't know whether god can hear me or not through this post. But i have faith on God that he can hear me. I don't know what i am doing here. But situation has been changed to worst. Everything is good, But financially i am too week.I need job as soon as possible, I am trying here from last three years for sake of job, but still i am empty handed. Landlord are asking me for there money. Please help me out or take me near you. I am not able to survive . Please God.. Do this favour for me. I am in deep pain, Please..

Tyler LaBranche

Monday June 5, 2017

Lord God, I really care about Rowena Rose San Agustin from Live Oak Cabin at FINR and I want to be close friends with her again. I really want us to work our troubles out successfully. Today she made a hurtful statement to me. Please try to help us be close friends again. She is also a great singer. I really want her to forgive my mistakes. Thank you so much!!! Amen. From, Tyler Joseph LaBranche

no name sender

Thursday June 1, 2017

It just doesn't stop. Its so horrible it makes me sick and I don't want this. It just pains me so much, I can't stop crying and I think nothing ever pained me so much for so long. Please, dear god, hear me in the name of Jesus Christ. Help me, give me strength and love. I can't live like this anymore because it also pains and worries the ones that are there for me. But this depression just won't end as long as I get treated like that and I know I should not care anymore but I can't. The feelings are stronger than my thoughts and I can't find comfort. I am completely devastated and actually I want to be happy. I want to lead a good life. But it's like something was crushing my heart daily. Please god hear my prayer and help me. Give me signs. Thank you and amen.


Wednesday May 31, 2017

Dear god! I trust in you. Plesse hear me today as the sadness over this situation with J. just doesn't go away. I try my best but at best my heart and soul feel so numb. I can't be really happy anymore and I'm so tired of crying. I never expected to lose him like that. I never expected him to become so cold towards me. It really really hurts me do deeply, my Lord. I so wished we could have been friends. I had hoped we could rebuilt our friendship. He meant so much to me and I miss him so badly. I can't stop crying, Lord. I understand that I have hurt him and I'm truly sorry. But does he see how much he hurts me now? I want this to stop. Hear me, dear god, when I say I want to be happy again. I want love, friendship and joy in my life. I won't ngive him completely but I want love in my life. I want friends, a man that truly loves me and that's all. I want to be happy. And I still want to have a good relationship with J. Lead me the way to goodness and love. Give me signs and send me my future man as soon as it is possible. In Jesus' name, please hear this prayer and help me, god. Amen

The sad one

Wednesday May 31, 2017

Dear God, I have come to a dental college for pursuing BDS that is 1000 km far from my house and this place is too much boring and full of sorrow.me along with my batch mates most of all does not want to come here.please return me to my family please let me go.i love my family my place most where i am comfortable enough...I want noting except this as I am missing my family most now.


Tuesday May 30, 2017

Hey God ! I just wanna say that my life is not one where I have no food to eat, or no home or anything as such but I really feel like I'm a waste ! I probably shouldn't be living if I'm not gonna do anything great in my life ! So just a request, take my life away if it's really one in which I'm not going to do anything worthwhile (Something different other than just a normal useless life after which will be forgotten)! So yeah, I hope you really really listen to me and probably give me a sign soon ! Thank you ! :) Oh and yeah, also please help all the people that are genuinely in need of help ! Thank you !


Monday May 29, 2017

Lieber Gott! Ich kann und will so nicht mehr. Mir kann das größte Glück passieren, aber das Loch in mir, keinen Mann und keine innige Mann-Frau-Liebe nach all den Jahren zu haben, macht mich kaputt. Gott, wenn du mich hörst, dann bitte schick mir doch endlich den Mann, der mich richtig liebt und der mich froh macht. Ich wünsche mir so sehr A. Du weißt wen. Sucht er auch Liebe? Wenn ja, führe uns endlich zueinander. Ich bitte sich nur darum, dass ich endlich lieben darf. Du kennst mich und weißt, dass in mir das Potential für größte Liebe da ist. Ich möchte eine Ehefrau und Mutter sein, die ihr Leben liebt, die ihre Familie mit Liebe beschenkt. Ich möchte einen wunderbaren Mann haben, der mein tiefster Freund ist. Bitte Gott, schicke mor diesen Mann noch dieses Jahr. Jemand, bei dem ich komplett ich selbst sein kann und der mich dabei einfach toll findet und liebt wie ich bin. Und den ich vollkommen finden kann. Ich wünsche mir A. so sehr, aber wenn es jemand anderes ist, dann schicke ihn. Ich will aber vom ersten Augenblick an sicher sein. Ich will Magie zwischen uns. Ich will wenigstens auch A. richtig kennen lernen, selbst, wenn er es nicht ist. Ich lege mein Leben und Schicksal ganz in deine Hand. Ich will Freude am Leben haben, lieben, lachen. Ich bin immer nur traurig und fertig und das will ich nicht mehr. Gott im Himmel, bitte höre mich und bitte gebe mir Zeichen. Zeichen, die ich nicht bezweifeln oder verkennen kann. Schicke ihn zu mir, lass uns uns kennen lernen. In Jesu Namen, erhöre mich. Bitte bitte bitte. Und schütze alle, die ich liebe. Lass große Wunder geschehen, die micj wieder gut und froh machen. Amen

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