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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Saturday October 29, 2016 -5:21

Dear God,

Thank you for all the blessing that you have provided to me and to my family. Even though sometimes I think Im not worth it. I have a very supportive parent which I say i have taken for granted sometimes. Im so blessed even though Im not a good Christian. Will, I would ask that you will guide me at all times, my family as will. I KNOW there is one a few chance that you will know it since I know that there are a lot of people who needs most. I hope that you will give us all a healthy mind, body and soul. Please, help those who needs you the most. I may have heard something from someone if you wanted to make a request, you need to say it out loud for you to hear it. However, Im not saying that it may not be true but I think I would like to request it silently. Not because its a small favor but i just know you can still hear me. Even if I still didnt ask the request or favor. Hope that you will grant all request to those you needs you. It may take time but I know you will in an unexpected way.

Yours truly.


A Norwegian

Saturday October 29, 2016 -4:43

Please, give this message to Edd Gould. Happy birthday Edd! We all miss you a lot. It's been a while and I always hoped to get a chance to meet you... Recently your channel rechead over a million subscribers. We will keep your world spinning. I WILL KEEP YOUR WORLD SPINNING. I promised to celebrate your birthday every year and it will never stop. Your turing 28 today.. It's been 4 years. I always loved your animations and one day I'd like to meet you in heaven. I really do hope you are swiming in a pool of cola. I will NEVER forget you Edd I promise. You are always on my mind. Today I will make it a great day, I will watch every single eddisode you made! Sadly, TomSka is thinking of stopping/quiting the series. I swear if any of your videos get taken down I will put them back up and give proper credit. I always wished to meet you and I hope to get that chance. I never got to meet you or get to know you well enough... I miss you... Sincerely, A Norwegian

--no name sender--

Saturday October 29, 2016 -0:50

Dear Lord Jesus

I am undecided...
Please find me phone that i will love, that wont bother me, that will be of great value. Pls?



Saturday October 29, 2016 -0:32

Lord, please take me to You, I pray. I am a total waste and I only take up space. I don't want to be here anymore. Take me away and put something new in my place, please. I don't have the will or energy to go on any further. I know this is the end for me and I beg You not to let my suffering continue because I have had enough. I have absolute no way I can go on. I beg You every day to take me away but I still am here suffering. Please God, let my suffering end. Give me peace and set me free, in Jesus Name. I have no more hopes or dreams left because my problems and worries crushed it all. I have nothing to look forward too, except to die. I want to be free from this torture I go through every day. I've given up because I can't go on. Will You please solve my problems, Lord? Please God, set me free, forgive my sins and take me to You. I beg You.


Friday October 28, 2016 -19:16

Lord, I don't know how to describe what I feel or what I've become. I am dead inside. All I want is for You to take me to You. I can't stand the sorrow and agony my existence consists of. I can't stand any more heartache, rejection and being so totally lost. With You I'm not suppose to feel lost but I do. Lord, You are aware of my horrific circumstances and You know what it did to me. But in my greatest despair I still cry out to You to have mercy and me, to solve my problems and to give me peace. I don't have a home and I want to go home to You. I need Your support, help and love please God. I need You to answer my prayers and set me free. Only You can help me, free me and let me stay with You. That is all I want. Deliver me from this torture called "life". I have no life, only problems, misery, and unhappiness. I have nothing of value and I hope You still value my soul. If not Lord, I will be lost for eternity and not just in this terrible life I'm in. All I know is uncertainty and fear. Only You can give me peace and I beg You to do it, please Lord. I can't hold on any longer because I have nothing to hold on to. I'm on a road of disaster and I can't go any further. I'm not asking to give my life any meaning because I don't know what Your plan is but I do beg You to end my suffering, forgive my sins and take me to You. In Jesus Name. I need You to please help me and answer my prayers. Please, please, please Lord.


Friday October 28, 2016 -18:29

God I am really very sorry for all my sins. I really want Vikram's forgiveness one last time. I promise I will never ever break his trust. Please tell him to forgive me once. I beg you.

Dear God

Friday October 28, 2016 -17:56

Jai Bhagwan, Thank you, Please forgive me.Amen

Lost soul

Friday October 28, 2016 -16:07

I hear alot about dog pen what ever that mean,I believe they talking about jail are sometype of institution for the dummy,because he decided to brake the law,or framed,are lied on,it sound like something for the dummy that lost his freedom,and will never get free again sounds dumb to me where you been for the last 25 years the dog pen what's that you know the dog pen I guess you free now,are go back and when you get there be sure to stay you back home the dog pen stupid stick a fork in it its well done,

Elijah smith

Friday October 28, 2016 -15:37

Now here I am in mid life crisis I just got my first strings of Grey hair trying to make it to 65,im alone so I don't have the problem that my Johnson don't work,I need to exercise to limit high blood pressure and stress,its good for the health,but I do have a cigarette problem for my age,and i really don't eat heAlthy,I wanted to lose my gut and get a six pack and do more leg squats in the process because I really don't do any leg exercise, maybe I can get some nice calves,a six pack,I don't know where im going to be at when I get 45 but I hope in better shape and a positive life style without the negative,no drug,very little alcohol, and no negative comtation with a bunch of lies,oh and hopefully never talking about yesterday I should have workout when could have done it today,I got to stop lying and talk about somebody else dysfunctional relationship how they shouldn't stick this in there mouth are eat this,that's none of my business all alone,oh don't gossip because I am a dumb boy that don't need to know anybodyelse business you know like last night such and such got caught with alot of beef in there mouth, and gave such and such a tongue kiss and said don't that beef taste good,I think there relationship ended because such and such said why you just didn't get a girlfriend and eat some dessert and let me see how that taste,this call mid life crisis your beef don't work don't nobody love your ugly ass,and you talk about booty all day,you be like look at the camel toes on that thing,look at the muffin on that thing,don't it smell like Liz clayboure,all neat and things,lets see don't write these dumb letters anymore,stop talking about school and be about your own future because we are nothing but about of ass holes that's going to talk all day and night,it didn't take me to get mess up for somebody to realize they need to go to school and be about theirself, so who am I to say that every night,and im stuck talking all day oh I forgot thinking all day and you can tell me what im thinking about should I agree I guess I should because you said it,what else don't talk about hustling,the dope game,and a reformed dope fiend,just trying to get it Getty, lets see whatelse don't ever think I got to be heard are seen,because you privacy is alot better because you can figure out what you need to do for you,if its to change your life,keep your self out of trouble are take better care of yourself ,it alot of things you can do in your own life that's productive,are just go to god with all your hearth and change you,and never look back,don't go down the same wrong of problems thinking you are going to get a different result, its going to be the same problem.enjoy the small things,and the ones that love you don't be me in a world full of hate,and alone,

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