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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
to God and thousands more have visited.

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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Friday October 31, 2014 -17:06

Dear God,

I pray that the people around me will no longer be angry or upset with me.

In Jesus Christ's name I pray,

--no name sender--

Friday October 31, 2014 -12:33

Please give me hope. I hav received a lot of shocks recently I have lost all motivation and I am fallen and broken. Please save me save my life.


Friday October 31, 2014 -11:26

Dear God

NO diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for my family never. I want to have normal vision left eye cornea problem and never go blind never. I have keratoconus nine years now. I have blured vision. I need cure and healing now. i want to lose weight. I want to win lotto also. NO more terroism in the world and pray for peace in the world now NO more earthquakes, torodoes, hurricanes and no more bad storms either.

You Know Who I Am

Friday October 31, 2014 -10:36

God I Just Wish Yu Could Rewind My Past And Make It Like It Shouldve Been ; Because Now My Past Is So Messed Up It Haunts My Future ..
In Your Son Name Jesus Christ


Friday October 31, 2014 -10:20

Dear God,

Please give me a sign to tell me if Sam F. is my soulmate. I feel like he is but yet I feel so far away from him. Please bring us closer together. Also, give me the strength to stop skin picking and to lose weight so I can look and feel beautiful again. Thank You.


Friday October 31, 2014 -10:04

Dear God

I pray for my mother. This whole thing has made me realize, and I hope it made my siblings realize too. Unfortunately, it's taken this to understand, but at least we did.

Please help her find the strength to forgive my sister. She made a quite harsh comment, but i'm sure it was not meant that way.

Please help me and my siblings be more there for our mother. To "fight" for her, to defend her, and to help her when she is in need, or always help her. It is a thing we haven't done enough, help us to do so.

"We tend to forget the ones who are really there and to think of the ones that aren't"



Friday October 31, 2014 -9:56

Dear God Almighty
I'm writing You this letter asking that You will help me build up a relationship with Your Holy Spirit so that I can tell others what's it like to have a relationship with God almighty so that I can tell other about Jesus not just through talking but also through action cause people do what they see I want to be an example onto others to show them what's it like to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ Your Son. Lord Jesus I also ask that You will allow me to be a successful business man not for my own gain but to make an impact on others lives to create job opportunities for the people around me and also to help others with financial difficulties in the form lending them money with low interest rates per month. Lord Jesus I also want to create home loans plans so that people can buy their own house, also want to create insurances for their homes , cars, cell phones etc. Lord Jesus I also want to insure that their are bursaries available for those that who wants to further their education and attain a degree behind their name. Lord Jesus study loans must also be available but the must pay it back after they have completed their studies. Lord Jesus I also want you to help me deal with fear so that the people around me also have breakthrough in their lives so that can achieve their goals aswell. Lord Jesus I thank you and believe that you will help me to accomplish all these things I have mentioned in this letter. Amen

--no name sender--

Friday October 31, 2014 -5:36

Dear God,

I wonder if it's worth the effort writing to you. Today especially it feels like you've abandoned us. Our heart is broken and we are beyond devastated. I cannot understand how you would 'bless' someone as cruel, heartless and nasty as 'him'. What 'he' is doing 'he' is doing consciously and for optimum cruel affect. 'He' knows that this will be the end of us and still 'he' decides to dig the knife in further and further.

I just want to go to sleep and never wake up. The pain is more than I can bear. And to top it off we can't even fight this because we don't have the money. This all comes down to lack of money. 'He' can do as he pleases knowing we haven't got the fiscal means to fight this. Where's the justice in that?

I can't sleep or eat - and I am feeling physically sick. I feel so weak and fragile.

Where are you in all this? How could you let someone so evil hold all the cards? How could you allow this to happen knowing what a devastating affect this will have on a innocent little angel? I always believed that good truimphs over evil but it seems that evil triumphs over good.

I have written to you and prayed to you for a swift miracle (as time is of the essence)and you still have answered me. This is beyond important and there's so much at stake. Why haven't you answered?

Let me spell this out for you - we're totally and utterly desperate and heartbroken and we urgently need a miracle. If you care anything about us and the little angel then you'll send us the miracle we have asked for. Seven people's lives depend on this miracle so hear and answer us quickly.

I await your swift response.

Terrill T Crookshank

Friday October 31, 2014 -4:28

Can your trip up to Jesus when you were in 2nd grade help you to compete? I come to you about King Jesus! Holy ghost Terrill T.C

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