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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Saturday December 3, 2016 -21:54

Dear God,

Once again I ask that you save the little boy Jordan. Please Lord put your healing hands on him and have him come back from his comma and live a healthy and happy life with people who will truly love him and care for him. Please don't allow this types of abuse that keep happening. It's so sad to see how much injustice there is. Please I beg that you save this little boy. He is the same age as my adopted angel and it hurts to even think about anyone harming my little one. Lord please I beg you to watch over Jordan and keep him strong. Please Lord, I know you can save him.



Saturday December 3, 2016 -20:42

Dear God,

Thank You, God, for leading me toward Love and Wisdom, toward Good and Truth. Thank You. May You guide me forth.

And, God, may You guide and assist those who are deprived, forlorn, and weary in spirit; may You grant unto them solace and peace of mind; may You calm the inner recesses of their hearts, and lead them toward Love and Light. Thank You.

LORD, I would like to say a prayer for everyone, particularly those who have come to this place to express themselves to You:

"LORD, YOU, who are our shepherd, we shall not be in want. For You make us lie down in green pastures... You restore our souls. You guide us in paths of righteousness... Even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, We will fear no evil, for You are with us... Surely, goodness and love will follow us all the days of our lives, and we will dwell in Your house, oh LORD, forever."

In Jesus' name, amen.



paula m canady

Saturday December 3, 2016 -20:24

good morning God............
it's me Paula standing in the need of a miracle once again. As you already know it's christmas your born day and I have children and bills. It seems like every since I helped a family member out instead of paying my tithes nothing has been working in my favor, forgive me. I work but I just can't seem to catch a break. I am behind on every thing and I need $3000.00. If any one is reading this and can help me my address is 7540 nc hwy 306 South aurora nc 27806. I feel like giving up but when I think about all that you endured for us it gives me motivation to push through this storm. God it's in your hands and I am believing you for a miracle. Amen.


Saturday December 3, 2016 -18:49

Dear God,
Why did you have to give me a man who loves me after I wasted nine years with a boy who used me? I know you were at work shaping him into a man, but couldn't you have taken just a smidge bit less than nine years? It would have been so much easier to spend my life with someone who loves me rather than spending half my life with someone who led me to believe he did.


Saturday December 3, 2016 -17:11


Could you please process my applications at {that dream company} and ensure they send my offer letter quickly?

I have my heart, soul, everything fixated on that position. Please help me get it! The wait time for the Offer letter is so painful.

your child


Saturday December 3, 2016 -16:00

Dear God,
I don't know if you are listening or if you are even real? but at the time like these, I hope I can count on guidance with the religion I know most. I have kept calm through most of this hardships but I don't know how much time I have left until I have the same fate as my mother and father, however this is not the answer I want, the one thing I want from this tragedy is that I don't want my life with my future partner to be as destructive as the life I am facing presently. I hope you can excuse my selfishness and ignorance through my years, I just ask for a better future if any I am hoping that if I do meet the same fate as my parents that I shall not bring down my partner or any of my loved ones down with me, may they always gain happiness from any dismay.


Saturday December 3, 2016 -15:17

dear god, I guess u know already bout my problem with being different and so no one ever takes the time to get to know me cause I'm just seen as some autistic freak but I'm actually a really good nice person. wanted to change things around like wanted to change that karma just isn't that good to me even tho I mind my own business stay out of trouble so any way did a random act of kindness, donated to the geocaching community in a fairly good size geocache not that far from where I live, donated some swag and inactivated trackable geocaching trackable t shirt and like 10 unactivated trackable tags so any way never did receive and good karma whatsoever and was planning on donating a lot more unactivated trackables to that geocache like a thousand worth in the spring but only thing that would be good for is wasting my money so ive decided not to do that after all and besides I already spent some of that on my small boat I don't have an issue with being terribly selfish after all this year ive started hosting a local monthly geocaching event as a way to give back to the community for making me feel welcome. probably shouldn't have said that last bit I don't really care if someone reads that and know who I really am I don't really care bout that. end this by saying I just cant be happy till I find true love so I can finally feel like I matter and important


Saturday December 3, 2016 -12:27

Dear God<br /><br />Thanks for all the blessing.<br />Please God protect me and my family including all those people I care about, give us a healthy joyful life, guide us to make the right choices, help us to open the good doors of opportunity,.<br /><br />I am soon to face another huge challenge in my life, please God help me along the way, help me with my case to achieve a favourable outcome in my favour, please help me to win the award in the new year, and also please please help me to get into the new committee and finally please help me with the election next year, I know you were always helping me no matter what, please God I really need all of these things so I can help others who really need me.<br /><br />Give my husband patience and strength to do his job right and help him to get a few more, help me to get a good job also so we can work to reach our goals in the next few years, we really thank you gracious Lord.<br /><br />Thsnks&amp;#128149;


Saturday December 3, 2016 -12:27

Dear god, My dear cat Sevester ran away can you help me find him. He was on a leash at the time and I'm scared he might catch on something and die... Please help... I beg of you... &#128557;

Love, Ashley

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