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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
to God and thousands more have visited.

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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Tuesday July 26, 2016 -11:54

Thank u for eveverything. Just show me the path of happiness. I feel alone, stressed. I'm pregnant but I can't even be happy of thinking that . Just let him come to me closer like before and bring my smile back. Sorry for the mistakes I have done. Let him share everything with me. Let him think as one of his family members.

elijah smith

Tuesday July 26, 2016 -11:50

Well god its me again its raining right now and my brain going a hundred miles per hour.I was sitting down trying to relax and enjoy the day because in mentally gone my brain is lost in space somewhere.I heard a voice say snake you know what convinced eve to convinced Adam to eat from the tree of life.so when he did he could see that he was naked and the world was full of all kind of damnnation and doom.could you know image we went from two too. Six billion people.ice ages,wars,plagues,and man will destroy the hold world.well god I will probably write you later on when I think of something else.

Jai Bhagwan Ji

Tuesday July 26, 2016 -9:35

Koto Koti Pranam, Good morning. Thank for for all and everything. Please bless N/l S with best of good health. I have my prayers and wishes awaiting you blessing Bhagwanji. JSK. Aum


Tuesday July 26, 2016 -9:21

Dear God,

Please helm me with the grant of Municipality, Please Please Please.
Also Please help my friends Anano which has the same problem. Let my parents be happy and healthy. Thank you for all the good stuff that happens to us. Let it be your will dear lord, I'll follow your way and try to overcome the obstacles you actually send. I love you anyway. and also I have missed you.


Tuesday July 26, 2016 -7:13

Dear God...... Heavenly Father...., what the Big Mistakes I have done? Why I am always always always in punished? Why? Why?why?
I try to do Good... No ... No..No...the results with a frustration. Why? Shall I kill myself? Do you want it? Why? Why I am punished? Why? Please Answer me.....


Tuesday July 26, 2016 -5:28

I will learn from my mistakes & grow stronger by the day.

--no name sender--

Tuesday July 26, 2016 -5:10

Dear god,
This is a letter i will never post him.
But i want you to tell him in his dreams..
Dear R,
Mujhe kis baat ki saza di ..
D day i have committed you i was loyal towards you atleast cheezo ko hamesha sahi rakhna chaha...
Tumne itna bada dhokha kyu diya..
Ye socha bhi ek ladki k liye kitna mushkil hota hai jab she knows all ur fault she is accepting all your faults...
Still itne bada natak kyu?
Dahej k liye?
To own me
Apni self este badane k liye.

Aapne bola tum koi rasam nibhane na aana aaur aana to fir na jana
Kya reh gaya in baaton ka matlab ab...
Vo rasam kasam tumne sab jhutla di d day you said humare beech jo baat hui thi vo sab artificial thi
Mai tab bhi tooti thi...
Fir mai uthi...

Mai tab bhi tooti thi jab bahut sare sapne le kar ghar aayi n you said
I CNT accept u as my my wife
Mai tab bhi tooti thi
Fir mai uthi...

Lot of time you disrespected me
Mai tab bhi tooti thi
Fir bhi mai uthi

Mai tab bhi tooti thi when u said you said you dnt love me...
Fir bhi mai uthi

Roz tootti thi roz uthti thi
No matter what..
Vo sab batein jhoothi thi
Vo sab pyar jhooth tha
Fake tha..
Ye soch k kis ko dard ni hoga

Once i asked you what u like in me ...you said everything
Aaj mujhe criticise karne ka ek mauka ni chora..

You lie to me for everything
Humara relationship ek jhootha relationship saabit hua..
Aur aaj you are involve with your past.

Kisi ka ghar toot k kisi ka ghar bana hai..
Kya koi khush raha hai
Sach to ye hai ye bhi ek jhooth hai jo tum apne aapse bol rae ho..
Bahut koshish ki sab kuch jaante hue bhi ki sab kuch theek kardungi...you will change ..but sab kuch tumne khux xestroy kar dia.

MI kitna is relationship ko sambhalu
I can manage everything but disloyalty ,disrespectfully jeena seekh ni maine..
Already tumne life barbad ki pehle s ki ab meri aur apni jhoothe sapne aur khushi k liye r ki karoge...

Ab to kuch miracle bhi ni ho sakta
Mujhe to pehle month se pata tha you have problem par Maine sab kuch theek karne ka socha par tum back stabbing karte rahe...
Maine bahut koshish ki mai tume bacha ki
You failed.
N I failed in recognizing you...ya shayad emotions ki vajah se bachana chahti...
Karma will get hold of you..
I m leaving you wid your wife karma. ..
I know mere saath Jo hua vo bahut acha hua..my life is saved...aur aage to hoga vo bHut acha hoga..
Jo insaan apne aapse loyal ni ho sakta vo kisi se loyal ni ho sakta..

In India being divorcee is a curse..but I m ready to face d world..I m not coward..
Jab Maine tum jaise sirf kamiyon k saath itna pyar Kia...though I knew u were not deserving..to I know God want I should be wid someone who might be praying to god for me.
Jo real ho fake ni
Jo shadi hote ye Na kahe everything was fake n artificial what I did to u.
The people who have supported you in your wrong deeds will also get their karma..

And you all will remember me then for sure.
My role in your life was to give you another opportunity to be good or bad
And you were same..
You repeated your history.

And I learned do not trust anyone like that...untill they will earn it.
Trust is a expensive and it should not be given to anyone.
No matter what it is I still have love n peace in my heart which cannot be destroyed by your sinful acts..

My god is my love ...my everything..
I m nothing without him.
He wanted me to save from you that's d reason all your lies came in front so early my heart was pure ..my intentions were good.

I loved you sincerely n with full dedication but you cheated me ...your loss not mine..
And you live with your unreal truth..


Tuesday July 26, 2016 -3:37

Dear god

Briefly speaking...I really like this guy...so what i am trying to say is that will I ma rry this guy in future... I really wish this 'guy' to like me back.
please God hear out my wish.


Tuesday July 26, 2016 -3:15

To make it plain that the girl was possessed by a demon and not simply in the grip of some girlish fancy. You had her speak on matters and had her reveal the sins of many people.. They were aware that he was ruined but could not proceed against him as the time for repayment had not yet come. The creditors therefore concluded that they would watch him closely so that he would not attempt to escape behind their back... I come to you about in King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!! Terrill TC!

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