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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

Letters Sent In The Last 12 Hours

Terrill TC

Wednesday July 1, 2015 -6:24

Here I get 'so(-) negative'... Come 'so(+) positive... Colossians 3:3 you died and your life is hidden with Christ.. 3:2 so keep your mind on things above... And then there is Colossians3:2 Keep your mind on things above because Colossians 3:3 you died and now your life is hidden in Christ... Both are in perfect English going the right way, because and so spoken.... Balancing with the treble.. The negative so comes in by way of unbalancing with thick walls and big money instead of Jesus Christ and proverbs 11:1.. I come to you about in Jesus Christ name.. Terrill TC

Terrill TC

Wednesday July 1, 2015 -6:14

you first spoke Colossians 3:3 than 3:2..... not 3:2 than 3:3.. psychologically speaking.. I come to you about in Jesus Christ name... Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC

Terrill TC

Wednesday July 1, 2015 -6:10

Tell Balata.. From this Tell Balata, given was "Tell Ball High, I'm Terrill Crookshank and that Terrill Crookshank is not Terrill Crookshank, for I am the spirit of identity theft.. Tell Balata being the place where Jacobs Well is... Continuing; You let Terrill be in JR.R.O.T.C and he got to take back to his home a 49th place award... His mother passing away at 49 didn't do nothing but parallel with his 49th place award allowed to him and now he is a solder in the army of the Lord.... This being spoken opposing against your Origin (Lord of Lords) that you gave to me in 1982 on my birthday come Sept 5th when you adopted me.... Making me a solder of your army 'the army of the Lord' then. Come your prophecy and prophetic,(Lord of Lord's) 32,33 stepping into that year that you died for me, TC The Christ it's.... Your son T.C should we judgment roll the JR..? JR. R.O.T.C with God I will salute you, for you loving me, I'm use to... Two votes my introduction, and the grandest first talking, about how you been responding with your reflexes... I come to you about in Jesus Christ name.. Terrill TC


Wednesday July 1, 2015 -6:05

Dear God

NO diseases in life never and no diseases in life either for my family never. I want normal vision left eye corena problem and never go blind never.

Terrill TC

Wednesday July 1, 2015 -5:52

Jacobs Well and being filled with questions.... I come to you about in Jesus Christ.. Terrill TC

Terill TC

Wednesday July 1, 2015 -5:39

Young Earth Coming.. Y.E.C and when he do I'm Gonna Hate... I.G.H... Y.E.C the initials of my mother and then I.G.H... 'Hi I'm God' unscrambled it is... These three letters... Your word speaks about when you scramble things... Texas is so hot you can scramble eggs on the ground a child hood message given to me when I was young and living in Texas for the few years I did.... I come to you about in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Jesus Christ!! Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC


Wednesday July 1, 2015 -5:03

bhagwan jo kerna acha kerna...maine life k sath compromise ker liya h....but pls aap ko jo best lage mere liye wo kerna pls

jacqueline jeter

Wednesday July 1, 2015 -4:57

dear God I thankyou for everything and also want to ask if you could please keep me and family with you only in your loving arms and never turn us a loose please I beg of thee to keep all us in your arms and have us to do whats right and do no wrong because I luv you forever and ever even though im not perfect and I know this but I do the best I can to live and do things your way and God I will like to pray for everybody in the whole world and I will like to pray that everyone turn to you and not evil not satan God I need only you and nobody else with you for us who will be against us so I thankyou ,thankyou, and I love you and love you for ever and ever I praise only you God and halliulia thank you jesus and I pray my prayer in the name of jesus Christ your son amen,amen,.


Wednesday July 1, 2015 -2:17

plzz god ji.... listen to me .... mujhe iist chhiye... iiser bhi nhi mila.... koi bhi iit nhi mila......koi mere liye accha nhi kr rha .... plzz ap madad kro ek seat dila dijiye plzzzz god plzzzzz.... its a request............................. :'(

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