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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Wednesday May 24, 2017 -2:03

May 23, 2017

Dear Papa Dios,

I hope today will be a better day. I actually woke up with a sore throat. I pray for my mom. Please enlighten her to be positive. she seems to be down and I know it's because of my dad. Thank you.

Austin Yang

Wednesday May 24, 2017 -1:29

Dear God,
There's this boy named Adrian that is high right now. He's trying to play rps in a league mode. Jesus Christ bless this kid and save him. (I'll pay you back later)


Wednesday May 24, 2017 -1:04

Dear god,

Hope you are doing fine.

It was a really bad day for me my important deal is over, the girl i love she left me, payments are pending for many people, family is anticipating from me a lot but i got failed again even though i worked hard for it and with my best efforts.

I have become a good guy and now things are getting worse i guess i was better this way as a bad person as i was happy.

God i am loosing everything day by day and as time passes by things are getting more difficult for me.

Give me the power and strength to fight with my demons and to overcome all the difficulties.

Love you a lot and take care of yourself god.



Tuesday May 23, 2017 -23:05

Write to God...Dear God i know there is no one above you please let me pass my waec exam in full colours please change my jamb score for me to make my father happy for the first time God am begging you that in all the schools that i will apply to or have applied to please let them accept me please i any miracles that have never happen to me before please let it happen in my life.


Tuesday May 23, 2017 -22:29

Dear God. Thank you for this far that you have brought me.Sincerely you have stood with me ever since I begun schooling up to now. God I am here requesting you to open my future ways.Open my employment doors God.I know that you are faithful Almighty God. Bless my daily at home.protect them from evil dourers .God I pray that give me a nice school to teach with Good salary. I bless your name Lord. remember my sister and brothers bless them and open the doors of success in their life.Father I have overpayment in the University I want to give to to anybody in need let them help me God Thank you father


Tuesday May 23, 2017 -22:00

Dear God , please put the money in my account , please God .

Kind Regards

you know who i am

Tuesday May 23, 2017 -21:33

Dear god,

as you know i prepared really hard for a certain exam and today i found it difficult. my grades are in jeopardy including my atar. please, this is a necessary step to getting to where i want to be.

tomorrow i am so nervous for the exam. i'm not that confident and i'm hoping that i am able to remember my quotes, answer the question and get a good grade. please be on my side with this. i hope i am able to bring up the grades of my other subjects and prevent my atar from falling.

i beg you please help me. i am so worried.

love. gratitude.

Jai Bhagwan.

Tuesday May 23, 2017 -21:20

Loving God, Thank you.Please forgive my sins.Please forgive me.Please bless me so that my faith, trust, love for you is even more stronger. Please bless me with my thoughts, needs and wishes. Only love and comfort i have at the movement is via and through you . Please Please Bless me. Amen. ( please bless all who seek you. Amen.

Your child

Tuesday May 23, 2017 -20:52

Dear Lord Jesus

Thank you for being my Father.
Well i have to say that trully speaking...its non of my business if she goes there or not.

Please allow me to focus on important things.

Dont allow my name and reputation to be drag down, you know i worked so hard to behave in a orderly manner.

I want to do your will...not mine
I know you have great plans for me i dont even want to be a threat in her... wish you will not lead me to volunteer there...but if you want its ok. I know that what you do will never be a mistake.

Please guide me and protect me till the end.. and Bless me more infront of their face.

Lord what are you having in store for me?
Regarding career and academical purposes?

Use me to keep on doing what is OK. You will let me know if i can thank her M. After or including C.

Then will move to the next chapter...

You are the Lord of miracles and i love you so very much... i like when i become obident then you fight for me to my enermies.

I will humble myself concerning the situation. And you will axalt me.

Please give me a burning desire to do your work... let everywhere when i knock at the door i get your favor.

End of june after my studies i will keep on knocking at the closed doors.. please open them for me.

Thank you.

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