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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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Thursday February 23, 2017 -1:55

What's with this reoccurring episcleritis that I have gotten. I know it is far better than glaucoma or something but still....
Had a mediocre day. How about yours?
Your son
Ps wishing others well.


Thursday February 23, 2017 -0:50

God please help me


Wednesday February 22, 2017 -22:15

Dear God

My mom's right leg and knee is hurting and staring hurting yesterday and i Hope it's not serious and in pain. It happened to her few months ago and take about over a month to heal and get better I hope it's not the same thing again and worried now. I hope and pray it will heal now and not serious.


Wednesday February 22, 2017 -21:52

God everyone says that love is God. But nowdays every girl ran behind money the guy who is rich he has every advantage for girls he is God. Dear God i am sorry to say but you too loose my own gf left me bcoz i cant afford gifts for her today God you loose in front of money my relationship started in your name as you have given me gift as victoria in my life but you and i loose bcoz today again money won in front of you....What i am feeling now how badly it hurted me you cant understand my pain atleast i always do love with my heart what i do God you borned me in average family and make me looser in front of all...


Wednesday February 22, 2017 -20:55

Jai kara santoshi mata ji ka bolo sanche darbar ki jai...Maa Santoshi Please help me...

Big guy

Wednesday February 22, 2017 -19:31

Dear God, I have to be honest that I have lost a lot of faith in you over the years and I am not massively religious but I still have a part of me that I figure I do believe in but I ask for your help and guidance right now. I have been through so much pain over the years mental and physical, seeing my sister die of cancer at an early age in her life then 12 months later my dad. They were both good people and it broke my heart to loose them here on earth. I have lost jobs and had to struggle just to hang on to my hom small house but got back up every way I can with a body that is now letting me down with back pain,hips,knees and ancles but the burden of mental pain and illness is a constantly growing issue too. A couple of years ago for no reason my wife walked away from me and when your relationship was believed to be good it kind of puts a strange view and dark clouds on your life. I have found a new woman now and family now and at 47 I got my first child on the way which is one of the happiest things of my existence. Right now I'm in another situation with work and finding it hard to find the right path and I guess I have lost faith and confidence in myself. I know I'm not the best of followers and I also know plenty in the world are in a far worse dilemma than me and I would ask for help for these people too but I also ask for you to offer guidance to me if at all possible and help me find the strength to carry on with all that has burdened me in the past.

Your Daughter

Wednesday February 22, 2017 -18:59

Good Day Good God.

I have been waiting father God. I have been waiting patiently. Please help me not to loose control and to focus. Please keep me strong God, because my love life is a mess. For the past years, every time I try to work things out, I get troubled and ignored and used along the way. Please show me what is it am doing wrong God? What are these men running away from? What can be the problem with me? Please help me to find the one who will be my partner, my helper, someone who will love and protect me and my son. Please forgive God.Please am asking you from the bottom of my heart. Please hold my hand and walk with me.I am begging you father God.Help me to stand strong and firm from him,I have said horrible things yeas and i wish I can take back all what i said.Give be strength to walk away from him and give him space he deserve. I am asking all in Jesus Name. Amen


Wednesday February 22, 2017 -17:58

God... you forget me so i forget you.

--no name sender--

Wednesday February 22, 2017 -16:40

One thing I never was<br />but once in a situation of<br /><br />the company of a pedophile<br /><br />i was propped by some sick bastard once<br />who started giving me rides to work<br /><br />i thought the guy was just a nice guy<br />he was a lawyer<br /><br />everyday he drove by where i had to take the bus<br />he would give me a ride several miles down the avenue<br />then one day he asked me if i had a hairy body...<br /><br />i went off...i am not the kind of person who<br />would and for sure not the kind of person who would get kidnapped and murdered either, by some homo sicko<br /><br />this guy had a very clear present danger from me sitting in the passenger seat<br /><br />i get my tough from having my head bashed to the concrete<br />i could have killed that SOB, a case of predator suddenly became my victim. <br />I crass told this sick fukkk this<br />he stopped, i got out of car, he screeched away...<br />not before a rock went through his car rear window...<br /><br />a reminder that was no one to fukkk with<br />I never seen him on that street again<br /><br />Or like the story of what I did a few years later..<br />was hangin around this punk rock friend club<br /><br />one night there was a huge domestic fight going on and I saved a 1 yo baby from getting tear gased by the cops<br /><br />how about the time when a older man was having a stroke out side of a gas station where I was his first responder and saved him for a more serious condition...getting the medical response teams there to save him<br /><br />then there is time..one i will never forget<br />some friends of mine from my job went on a orchard party..that is...a party in orange groves...us young adults getting drunk<br />well a young woman was with us and i prevented her from getting raped!!!!!!<br />This wasn't the first time I help a young woman from going through such<br /><br />you as this god..is a giant asssshole not to give me some kind 0f good points for these events<br /><br />there was a time, i did have several woman freinds.<br />my room mate the avisd christian he was...the one who had sex with a married woman...<br />adultery<br />the very one who when he was having a night with this married woman<br />that married womans husband came to the the door beating on it loudly... I had NO CLUE as to what was happening, being awoke so abruptly, i thought the apartment was on fire or something<br />and some was waking us up to get out...<br />come to find this extremely angry man standing at the door..<br /> i then realized after he said to me GET MY WIFE.. he must have been referring to my best friend room mate<br /><br />and sure enough, there he was and her<br />he was sleeping with a married woman<br />as i was left as like bait fish for the beating..opening the door like that! I had no clue as to what that was...<br /><br />you see, even my brother had a adultery affiar<br />but ME<br />you asshole<br />I NEVER DID THIS NEVER!!!!!!!<br />I HAVE NEVER BROKEN THOSE COMMANDMENTS<br />NOT ONE...TILL THIS VERY MOMENTother than no calling you all these names<br />and THAT ISNT EVEN A SIN<br /><br />i will explain this<br /><br />&quot;thou shalt not take gods name in vain&quot;<br />these people with their years of education are still to stupid to know how to READ<br /><br />THIS does not read as thou shalt not call god names<br />this reads as<br />thou shall not USE GOD AS TO BE VAIN!!!!!!!<br />and GOD is not this entities name! GOD is a title!<br /><br />I have never said YWH damnit<br />or YWH anything improper...<br /> I am STILL PERFECT<br /><br />sex is not sin<br />and no where in any bible does it it say sex is sin-NO WHERE you may think it does...BUT IT DOES NOT, if you did know how to read and actually DID READ!!!!! the bible, you would know this. I read the bible FIVE times front to back - you see how much I write here??? this should be your first fukkking clue I am not at all illiterate! <br /><br />I could go have sex all day, with a un married woman, and us never being married because NO PLACE DOES IT SAY NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE or say you have to be married at all! the only thing it does say<br />is thou shalt not commit adultery<br /><br />people are confused about lust<br />lust is not having sex<br /><br />lust is the feeling of something as to go against our nature<br />lust would be pedophilia lust would be sodomy<br />i have eatern puddy a million times<br />this is not forbbidon<br />but when it comes to the OTHER HOLE<br />that is forbidden fruit<br /><br />again however..i am giving you all a truth TEACHING<br />which is more true than any preacher<br /><br />I strongly disagree with children sex..i dont like teen age titty. i want a woman not a girl i want a woman not a another man...<br />NATURAL LAW MEANS HOW NATURE MADE IT<br /><br />NATURE MADE IT THAT MALE AND FEMALE IT REQUIRES TO PROCREATE<br />NOT 'STEVE AND BOB' OR 'LESLIE AND LANA' THIS IS JUST THE WAY IT IS...BEING GAY IS DIRECT DEFIANCE OF NATURE..OUR GOVERNMENT MADE IT LEGAL...THEY SHOULD ALSO MAKE HAVING SEX WITH CHILDREN LEGAL, POLYGAMY LEGAL AND BESTIALITY..LIKE ALL THOSE WOMEN WHO FUKKK DOGS AND MEN WHO FUKKK GOATS...ALONG WITH THAT GAY BILL. BUT DO I CARE NOT AT ALL, I DONT GIVE TWO DIMES WHAT OTHERS DO..TO CARE IF GOD LIKES IT OR NOT<br /><br />AND WHY I SAY ALL THIS SO STRONGLY<br />BECAUSE I DONT OR HAVE NOT DONE ANY OF THIS..<br />ALL I WANT IS A GIRLFRIEND WHO IS AROUND MY AGE<br />AND MY KEYBOARD MUSIC TO GET SOME POPULARITY<br />HOW FUKKKING HARD DOES THIS HAVE TO BE?<br />WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO HARD FOR YOU AS GOD TO SQUEEZE OUT SOME KIND OF GOOD TIMES FOR PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY HAD FAITH IN YOU????<br /><br />PEOPLE CAN CURSE YOU NAME ALL DAY..IF THEY KNEW WHAT IT WAS<br /><br />SAYING GOD DAMIT IS MNOT USING YOUR NAME IN VAIN SO TO SPEAK..BECAUSE GOD ISNT A NAME! I CURSE BUT THAT IS NOT A SIN EITHER, DISTASTEFUL MAYBE...<br />THE MORE I THINK ABOUT THIS THE MORE PERFECT I AM COMPARED TO ALL THESE HUMANS WHO CANT EVEN BRING THEM SELFS TO LIKE THEIR NEIGHBOR LET ALONE NOT FUKKK THEIR NEIGHBORS WIFE OR LET THEIR NEIGHBORS KIDS STARVE...WHAT KIND OF SHYTE SOCIETY IS IT WHEN POEPLE ARE TO OVEER OCCUPIED WITH PLAYING POKEMON GO<br /><br />I SEEN THOSE PEOPLE AT THE PARK..THEIR GIRLFRIEND USUALLY WITH THEM..IDE FIND A NICE SET OF BUSHES TO TAKE THEIR GIRLFRIEND BEHIND AND GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS, SOME LOVE AND ATTENTION, SOME GOOD TIME, SHE WANTS TO BE MADE TO FEEL GOOD TOO..NOT PLAY VIDEO GAMES. I WOULD PLAY POK E WOMAN, NOT LIKE THEIR BOYFRIEND PLAYING POK E MAN

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