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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

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--no name sender--

Thursday December 18, 2014 -18:10

I am giving you this problem. I am so hurt and I feel so betrayed. So, I am giving you my son and his wife. I am giving you my sister. I am giving you my anger and pain. I am giving you my loneliness . Thank you for taking these from me. Please help me to accept this situation. Hugs


Cynthia richardson

Thursday December 18, 2014 -16:59

Lovely is the that watch over us. love from my heart and grateful is me that known such a wonderful God. Thank you for such a good love..I love you forever my Lord.forgive us for my sins..bless us Lord.hope you are doing good my Lord


Thursday December 18, 2014 -14:01

Dear God,

I have to admit that I love singing so much, and want to do it professionally so badly, that it not working out never occurred to me. I have received notes from my teachers that I am not as good as other students in the class, and I am already studying with younger students. I have said to you, four more auditions. I now everything happens for a reason, but if I don't land at least one of the next 4 auditions I do, I am going to have to give it up, simply because I can't handle it anymore.


Thursday December 18, 2014 -12:27

Hello Lord God.
Thank you for everything. Please know I really do love you. I really do. Thank you for being with me through the tough times. Your name be exalted on high. You made the impossible possible so many times in my life. Lord, please grant my prayers of peace for my family, to top the board exam and work in USA.May my deeds glorify your name. Please touch the heart of Dr. in Anchorage, Alaska to reply positively to my emails. Thank you Lord. You are the best. Happy birthday to your son Jesus Christ.

Terrill T.C

Thursday December 18, 2014 -12:15

The demonic operation called open the letters 1994-2014 Holy spirit Holy ghost I come to you about...... In Jesus name.... Terrill T.C/Relic/Nehemiah


Thursday December 18, 2014 -9:46

Hi god I want to know if u can help me?? Because my friend does not believe in u and I want him to and kids think that's santais not real and I want them to believe what do I do

Comfort would be a even greater gift

Thursday December 18, 2014 -9:18

could you bring me some comfort that could last forever, and maybe stop your bullying with your lulu.
And make me addicted to tea atleast. Theres some tense things.
Univers has spoken.


Thursday December 18, 2014 -8:52

Dear God, thanks a lot for everything. God please be with me and all my loved ones. God I love my mumma papa saurabh viny shelly and tia a lot, please always keep them all happy, healthy and safe. God please bless us all and be with us forever. God please bless souls of those children. I am so sad to see images and I know you can bring peace and happiness to world. So, God please show us mercy and bring peace, happiness and contentment on earth. Jaiallaluia... <3


Thursday December 18, 2014 -8:16

Dear God

I hope no bad weather next Week for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day either. NO snow and no white Christmas and I hate snow and no snow. I hope it doesn't rain either both days either and dry and sunny. If the weather isn't good either day, rain instead of snow of course. I wish I was married and never had girlfriend. I am nice guy. I am catholic. I go to church every sunday. I wish I wasn't disabled anymore. It sucks being disabled. I have developmental disablties and learning disablties. No more terroism in the world and pray for peace in the world now. NO more earthquakes, hurricanes, tordooes and no more snowstorms either.

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