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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
to God and thousands more have visited.

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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

Letters Sent In The Last 12 Hours

sense of relieve

Tuesday August 4, 2015 -17:02

Dear Father Jesus

Thank you.
It was hard, but with your help i manage.

Thanks for easy words...

What a relieve, thank you for fixing my head, his head.
Thank you, for saving our marriage from influance of other people.

Thank you for clarity, and less guilt.

Thank you for teaching, loving, guiding us and our life.

I believe he had guilt, as much as i was, i am free, i confesed, allow him to confess and be free in hi heart after the email i sent.

Thank you for your support and guidance.

Amen :-)


Tuesday August 4, 2015 -16:43

Dear God

today i played Oz lotto online, if i win a huge amount, i will donate 1 million dollars to a worthy cause,then i would buy a property for each one of my children, i would love to buy a unit with a view of sydney harbour, a unit with a view in Istanbul, a unit in Spain, a unit in England, and travel to and live in these countries, i will also like to share a million dollars with people who have a dream to start a business and watch them grow it would give me pleasure to see the sparkle in the eyes of people achieving the goals they have.
i would like to take my parents on a world trip, and i would have a huge party and give each one of my friends very nice gifts.

that would be so enjoyable, i know that most people would enjoy to win, i would love to taste whats its like to win lotto, i can only imagine the experience,

the world is beautiful and so perfect, i would love to see the world, would you approve of me winning please.


Tuesday August 4, 2015 -16:40

God, allow me to concentrate. Keep me pure and allow me to greater purity. Stop this mental torture and the pain my soul is going through.

little confused

Tuesday August 4, 2015 -15:44

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please forgive all my sins
Thank you for all my blessings

I Heard your scripture on Sunday Lord, twice.
I am a bit confused and i dont want to mislead my husband,since u allowed me to run, manage, and take care of some things...

I dont want to mislead him
The scripture touched me.

A My evil, selfish, not thinking of others?
Or i am protecting myself and my things from people who are disrespectful to me?

A My telling him lies, or i get that from revelation?
Is it only me who sees danger in these people?
Or he does too, but doesn't care bcs is his family?

Should i protect my life, body, mind, soul or should i trust him to see truth...and he will protect me from his family?

A My exagarating? Or what i dream its true...i know
What ever i dream it comes to pass.

Is he hurt and confused abt all issue?
This is a problem, will you protect us and help us to see things far and act accordingly.

I was hurt by tht scripture, and i thought i might be unfair.

Please,Lord u know how disrespectful these pple are to me, i am happy that my man supports me and he see the unfairness these people have for me, so y do i feel guilty?

They think his money is theirs even if he married to me, i have no say...please teach them respect, that is why we dont go to visit anymore! Now i feel bad

They haven't accept me as daughter in law/ sister in law, how can i force myself to some1 house if they just pretend for sake of my husband,when he move they get a chance to pass remarks, behave badly, when he comes back they are nice and smile again.

How will i like to go to visit or like people who act like that?its a trauma being there, i am not free, nor happy, just pretend like i am ok.

I Dont like to be there, and i dont like giving them our money, simply bcs they disrespect and treat me unkind. A my selfish,cruel?

I Want them to stay away from me, he can call his mom time and time and again...its his mom

But e cant keep going there for me to be judged, abused, like they sre doing me a huge favor to be in their house. I will never force myself Lord.

And they will never going to receive anything that is coming from us, i want them to leave us alone.

Please help me and my husband in this,especialy him its hard bcs it his family that does these things, and he finally saw the truth.

Guide us all tge time Lord, protect us and our marrieage


Tuesday August 4, 2015 -14:31

I m stressed, i want to tell anup that s is going to come over and i m stressed i m afraid he will interrogate which friend and all and i wont have any answers. I will tell him P friend who was there with me in somaiyas and she is her good friend , P is not in mumbai and s is good in photography n all so i invited her to my place. I m sorry a and mummy i m cheating you i m very sorry i just want to gett off this fear please god give me the strength and i m really scared and guilty. I promise i will never interact with stranger online pleaseeeee god help me out i really scared my relationship with a will spoil if i tell him about all this. Lord ganesha plsss help me i m really scared i dont know what connection i have with s that i just invited her to my place i will never ever do it never ever i promise to any stranger in my life. Pls god plsssss help me, give me the strength i m **** scaredddd. Please save mine and A relation lord ganesha and also mummy should be less suspicious. I m really sorry i m not brave enough i m sorry god i m sorry pls pls help me out help me god help me plssss. Help me plsssssssss i m in trouble god i m in trouble


Tuesday August 4, 2015 -11:19

Dear God,

I know that you already know my needs but I find that it helps putting it out there for the world to see.
I live in a constant state of desperation! My son and I live day by day. Everyday paying just the interest on our loans. When I became ill a couple of years age, I didn't know it would take such a toll on our family. We only have enough money for 2 more days. I have put off going back to the hospital for several weeks and can no longer endure the pain. Lord, you know my need. May your will be done. Amen


Tuesday August 4, 2015 -8:42

Dear god thank u for healing my broken heart. Please let jdd be remorseful for the way he treated me. I pray and ask that someday he will call to apologize to me. I really did like him maybe he was to young for me. Please heavenly Father let him see that I am a good person and didn't deserve what he did to me. Help him to mature and be a good man please don't let him hurt and make a female cry ever again. He has a good heart I no he does because I saw it he also has a angry side help him to fight his demons and treat everyone with respect thank u.


Tuesday August 4, 2015 -3:42

Dear God

I know what you do is for good. I pray you to take our family out of this problem soon.
This is not a valid case , please solve it.
Show us way and the right path
Help my father get out of this problem soon God.

I beg you.

Yours Daughter

Terrill TC

Tuesday August 4, 2015 -3:39

About ten years ago I saw that I was going to need a J.A.G a Air Force Judge Advocate Officer. Come when I was in catholic school in elementary and the air Force Realm being spoke into my life then. Come the rights of an Airmen being naturally held in highest regard.. I come to you about in Jesus Christ name King of King and Lord of Lord's... Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC

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