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Gold Angel Letter to God began in August 2005.
In this time thousands of people have written
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Many people have written and re-written over the months and what emerges is the story of peoples lives. Their fears, their happiness, their day to day struggles.

Letters Sent In The Last 12 Hours

Brian James

Saturday April 25, 2015 -18:19

Dear Lord: thank you Lord for the inspiration to want to find out more about how to honor you better and to follow your commandments everyday. I Google about Satan's demons and I back off because that is really something I wish not to read any more about because the link I went to says not to say the name of the demon out loud and that in it's self scared me enough to close that link. I did read that there is no sin that you will not forgive if a person comes to you and admits to the sin and then truly repent of it, that was a relief to read. I have so much guilt of my past sins that I was worried and now I have the courage to come to you and speak of all my past sins and will not hold back for I do want to be forgiven for all sins and I want to keep your commandments always in my heart. The one commandment to honor your father and your mother is one that is on my mind always because I fill that I could of been a better son to both while they were alive.
I am on my fourth time in reading the Bible and it seems like every time I begin reading I see something new that I did not think about before and I high light it so I hope it is ok with you to out line new Scriptures that I did not noticed before. well that is what I wanted to say right now Lord, thank you for all things you give me and I ask for that hedge of protection to keep me safe from the evil one. I really hate even mentioning his name. Love you Lord Brian


Saturday April 25, 2015 -18:07

I can never thank you enough for the good things you have brought into my life.Sometimes,there are bad moments,but I still thanks you for them as they define who I am.

I just wanna say thank you for each and everything you have done in my life,I pray that your grace will be even more sufficient,that your light may shine upon me and that I may be a testimony that you indeed are God.

Remember each and everyone calling unto your name,please Lord,may you listen to us all In Jesus name.

I glorify your name Lord.


--no name sender--

Saturday April 25, 2015 -17:19

Father God in the name of Jesus. I am TIRED!!!! I surrender, I give up! I am tired of fighting. I do not want to fight anymore. I don't care if satan beats me or not. I give up to him. I cannot beat him. Please let him do to me as he pleases. I'm done. He's obviously to strong for me.
Please forgive me for my decision.....amen

Ashutosh Bhol

Saturday April 25, 2015 -15:31

Just help. I need to win over my brain and soul first. Then I have many external fights to face.


Saturday April 25, 2015 -15:28

I'm afraid for my state right now God, please protect us. My state just passed a bill to let people carry guns in parks and playgrounds. Please God keep all of us safe. Please change the hearts of these politicians so that they keep us from harm and help the public instead of passing laws that are so harmful to our state and our poor people. Please dear Lord open their eyes.

Ashutosh Bhol

Saturday April 25, 2015 -15:16

Why Do I wake up everyday to realize my dubious failures, pain and humiliation of life?? Whenever I try to strengthen my mental state to face future I always fail inside. Why my brain fails me every time?? Why every time I loose focus and lost it in my mind?? Why am I getting closer to desire of ending this life everyday?? Why can't I make myself realize that I need not loose hope of over irrelevant worries and should focus on bigger pictures.


Saturday April 25, 2015 -11:58

Oh please Lord Almighty. I might've been mean to my arch-nemesis by calling him a butt, I thought it obviously was truce time, but there he was, being mean to me and my friend.
But I didn't mean it for real and the words slipped out of my big mouth for the better, for protecting my friend's feelings. She is loyal and stands up to me like that, however, I do not believe that although, some people are not nice, revenge is never a good idea. Please still see me as a nice person, tough, next time, when trying to defend the ones who I love, I will be kore conscientious of what I say.


Saturday April 25, 2015 -11:44

Dear God

I went to eye doctor today and retina doctor and no change in vision and stable which is good and I wish I had normal vision left eye now. I see corena and retina doctor once a year. The New York rangers are in overtime now and score is one to one and I hope the rangers will win in overtime and if they can win series now and playing at Madison Square Garden. I hope they will win this overtime game and go rangers and don't want this series to go to a six game in Pittsburgh and want the rangers to win this game and overtime and even if they play two or three overtimes and I hope rangers will win.


Saturday April 25, 2015 -11:36

Dear God,
Thank you for getting me as far as you've gotten me so far. I know I don't pray every day or attend church on the regular but my faith and belief in you hadn't wandered. Even when I've been upset and started to rethink your existence,in my heart I know you have been there. I just was acting like the spoiled brat I am. You have always gotten me out of tough jams. Even death had not reached me and I believe Completely it was because of u. I am at a tough spot again. As always, I guys. And really need you. I need you to guide me and lend a hand when u can offer out. I know I can't do this without u. And I know that it's not just for me that I am asking this off you. I am truly just asking for you to guide me
So that I can get my family out of this jam. To teach me how to do it right. And in the process grow spiritually and maturely. I'm not a kid anymore. Lives depend on me. Even my husband. I feel stretched out beyond belief sometimes. But if I need to be honest, I can't seem to be able to live without being there for those that need me. My girls deserve a good and stable home. I didn't have one and I'm all mess. I dint want the same for them. So I beg u, give me the will to find a way out of our debt. Teach me lord, how to survive on less, for a last a little while. And not be discouraged by all the working and no rest. Give me strength to endure more work on less rest. At least to get out of this mess so that I can truly be at peace with no debt to worry about at all. Lord, I am so sorry for my selfish ways of asking and asking of you. But if not u then who?
Your daughter,

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